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5 ~ Step Guide to

Optimize Your Authentic Self


Are you finding it difficult to put your plans into action, 

or take a critical step? 

Or are you in a job that doesn't use your full skillset,

and you find it unrewarding?

Are you only working so you have money for living?

Is that living?

Maybe you're not living life authentically;

Do you feel you're living your dream?

Are you in love with Life?

Are you in Love with who you are in Life?

You are hear to live out your dreams, to live your True Authentic Life!

If you're not in Love with Life and who you are in Life

then you're missing out on what could be!

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To Change Your Mindset...

You Need To Change Your Brain ~ Neuroplasticity

Step 1 - Change your BRAIN.


Did you know the brain is the only organ in the body that sculpts itself from outside experience? 


Every time we learn something new, our brain changes.  In a sense our experience becomes biology. This is called Neuroplasticity. Our brains are constantly renewing themselves.


A brain cell is also known as a neuron.

Dendrites are the fibers that grow out of the neurons when you learn.

Learning = Growth of Dendrites


The bigger the cluster of dendrites grows, the better we are able to understand a subject or able to perform a certain task.  As the cluster gets bigger the connections between each dendrite will get faster and faster. This is called firing. As this neuron cluster gets bigger, and the dendrite firing becomes faster, you are well on your way to changing how your brain works and achieving a Growth Mindset!


There are 2 ways to make your brain grow new dendrites and neuron clusters. 

a.    Through the actual experience of doing something.

b.    Through imagination.

We can now equate learning to neurons in your brain clustering. The neurons create a neural network related to what you are trying to learn.  The larger the neural cluster, the more you are a Master of the topic, activity, skill. One of the best ways to make those neurons cluster is to connect something we are trying to learn to something we already know. 

We then encourage those neural networks to grow faster. New dendrites are connected to an established cluster of neurons from a known behavior.


We will now incorporate the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong, as our aide.

Step 2 - Change your Breath


In the Qigong exercises we will be doing, the breath, not the muscles, is what we want to imagine, is moving our body.


As we inhale, it’s as if when we’re drawing in the breath through our nose, we’re bringing the body with us. If we are rotating our bodies from the waist up, as we inhale, we move our bodies in one direction simultaneously with that breath. When we exhale, and the breath pushes out of our mouth, it also seems to push our body in the opposing rotation. 


If we think about moving, we will tighten our muscles, we want to keep them supple during Qigong, so the Qi (energy) can more easily flow through our body. Therefore, if we imagine our breath doing the work, we get out of our muscles, while breathing deeper and connecting breath and movement as one. 

Pretend you have a magic beach ballHold it about 18 inches in front of your chest. It’s about the size of a soccer ball. Now inhale while counting to 6 and open your arms out as if the beach ball is inflating. You’re still holding it, but not too tight. Then exhale while counting to 8 and the ball goes back to soccer ball size. Let go of the idea your muscles are moving you. Imagine, instead, that your breath is moving you.

Repeat for two minutes.


How do you feel? You just changed your breath, connected it to movement, visualized a concept, and created some new dendrites in your brain that are connected to you having a good feeling! Cool, huh? This is how you achieve a Growth Mindset!


Our primary work through the Qigongs in this guide, is to use the breath as the engine to move our bodies through space, rather than our muscles. But we'll also begin to visualize, or imagine that we are creating images, colors and structures. In the first step, we learned that we can create new dendrite clusters with our imagination. So by coming to this practice each day with the mind of a child, we can exercise our imagination and increase our ability to create neuroplasticity in our brains. As we perform these daily Qigongs, don't leave out the visualizations. They are every bit as important as the movements and the breath work.


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Change Your Mindset

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