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Healthy Mindset

Lesson 5 Chapter 5

Setting Your Intention 

So As We Think, We Are

Whatever seeds are sown in the fertile soil of our minds, they will produce in kind. 

In turn how that soil, and whatever grows from it, is tended will determine the fruits produced.

What are your thoughts?

Those thoughts create your life.

Your Healthy Mindset

The Five Step Morning Practice (First Thing!)

  • Step One - Your first thoughts of the day need to be of gratitude. Gratitude sets the stage for all healing and a grateful heart produces positive actions and results. Nothing good comes out of an ungrateful thought.                                                                  "I am grateful for this day and the gifts it brings."
  • Step Two - Take several conscious breaths.        "I breath in the gift of life, my exhale is my gift back to Nature."
  • Step Three - Your first Love needs to be Life.       "I am in Love with my Life and my Life Loves me."
  • Step Four - Not one thought that someone else thinks about you matters, only your thoughts about you make a difference.      "Who I am and what I feel are a result of my own thoughts and no one else's"
  • Step Five - My Intention for this day is:__________________________.

Where Is Your Attention

What ever we set our intention on will thrive. If you worry, that which you worry about will grow. If you angry. you will be confronted by more of the things that trigger your anger. If you focus on your lack of money, time or energy, you will continue to struggle with enough of whatever lack on which you are focusing your attention.

What if instead, you focused your intention on your optimum health? How about your inevitable success on a project? See yourself well, happy, and fulfilled. If you don't see it, it won't happen. The magic is in your mindset!

  • Write down one thing that is either bothering you , standing in your way or keeping you from being the best version of yourself.
  • Now draw an X through that and for the next 5 minutes focus on writing what you want most out of life. 

What is the story about you that you are telling to yourself and others right now?

The story we tell is not only in our words, but our actions. You tell your story by the way your carry yourself, the tone in your voice. What is your story? 

You may deflect from your own story and create stories about others. Maybe you've observed a neighbor and their routine changed, so you create a scenario of what may be going on with them. Does that help you? If your attention is focused outward on others then your creative energy is being used to write a novel about a mythical situation. This is great if you write novels for one of your life's purposes. Stories can be used as a great teaching tool. However, if it is just to deflect from what your own purpose is, then it is destructive.

Perhaps your story relates to the various pains and challenges you are facing. If your story comes through your pain to be told then you are saying in essence your pain is part of your life's purpose. If instead you tell your story from a place of wellness, joy and abundance, you begin to see yourself continuously in that same place of wellness joy and abundance. 

This weeks assignment includes writing your current story in 3 paragraphs. I would advise you to see yourself well.  

Elemental Affirmations

Wood's Affirmation

The potential anger and Irritation of the wood element is the same energy that initiates growth. The wood element is all about the power to grow, expand and be alive! If that energy is tripped and triggered towards anger, it instead becomes a destructive energy to oneself and those in close proximity. 

I use the energy of anger and irritation as the courage to grow, expand and be constructive.

Fire's Affirmation

The anxiety of the fire element is simply a powerful force that is consuming itself rather than experiencing life. The fire element is all about expressing the joy of life and bringing that light to others and the world. If that energy is trapped inside it consumes all joy and turns the body into a paralyzing oscillating mess.

I use the energy of my anxiousness to go out and experience the joy of being alive with a deep sense of gratitude!  

Earth's Affirmation

The worry of the earth element is focusing the energy on something that may happen in the future instead of what is happening in this moment. The power of gravity is the energy of earth to stay grounded and fully present in each amazing moment.

I use the energy of gravity to stay present in each moment and to reject the lure of the future, knowing everything I need is here and now.

Metal's Affirmation

The Sadness and grief experienced in the earth's element energy is actually holding on to the past and denying the contentment of the present. The true power of metal is the understanding that transition and letting go are not only necessary but beneficial.

I let go of the past, gaining energy, insight and wisdom. I know I am better now than yesterday and will continue growing into the best version of myself.

Water's affirmation

Life comes from water. This element is at the beginning and end of life as we know it in the physical realm. When imbalanced we may feel depressed or lacking in something... Money, energy, time, connections? Water represents abundance. When we rest and recharge, we are honoring this element. Depression is misreading the energy of water to rest and renew. In that regenerative mode our energy is still dynamic and flowing. 

I flow like a peaceful river rolling through life. I see life is abundant and I lack for nothing.

How To Hold On To A Positive Mindset

When practicing affirmations, creating a positive mindset and manifesting your dreams, it can seem that you can get to that place of positivity, but it doesn't hold. How do you stay in the flow of that energy?

  • Attitude of gratitude. When you find yourself slipping, be grateful, for everything. Especially the challenging stuff. If you can be grateful for the things that come across your path that trigger you, tear you down, make you feel bad, then you take away it's power to get you off track. You instead tap into universal love. By being grateful in all situations, you are saying you trust the process even if it isn't clear right now, you know that it will be and the best is coming your way.
  • Practice. Don't give up. Keep trying. Do the 5 step wake up every day. know your element and use the affirmations of your dominate element or the one that is challenging at the moment. Above all, continue to be grateful and don't ever give up.

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