Energy Medicine

Self Healing Masterclass

6 Lessons Intermediate

This course imparts healing modalities for yourself, clients and loved ones. It includes energy anatomy, 5 element theory, Chakras and how they articulate and affect the body, connective tissue reintegration, muscle release and structure alignment.

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Course Structure

Intro to Energy Medicine 1 Lesson

The 5 phases of Medical Qigong – Our connection with Nature

We are Energy - Understanding this is the foundation of self healing

Energy Anatomy - chakras, energy fields and meridians 1 Lesson

Connective tissue - Fascia 1 Lesson

Interstructural Tissue

Understanding fascia and how to lengthen and release bundling

Pain and It's Message - Body - Mind - Emotions Integration 1 Lesson

A Deeper Look Into Our Body Seeking Balance

Understanding the message of pain.

Upgrading Your Mindset - The Power of the Mind in Healing 1 Lesson

Healthy Mindset

Creating a healthy mindset to live life fulfilled.

Integrating your self-healing tools 1 Lesson

Integration and Tools

Combining all that we've learned and create practical application
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