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It’s Just Energy

By Albert E PerryNov 06, 2022

Whatever you can think of that is a part of this realm, it’s just energy. Furniture, Mountains, Emotions, our body, our thoughts, food, water, air, anything and everything else is simply just energy.

Why Is It Important To Know Everything Is Just Energy?

What has come to be known as the first law of Physics was originally theorized and tested by Émilie du Châtelet.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.” – Institutions de Physique (1740, hereafter translated as Foundations of Physics).

Energy is a raw material. When it is dense, it takes on the illusion of Matter. I say illusion because Matter is finite. It can and will demise. However, the energy that is the building block of any material thing, will still exist as energy and then take on another form. For an example with which we can relate, think about the leaves of a tree. When they are done being leaves, then they fall from the tree, rot, and become part of the soil which returns nourishment to that same tree.

The same is true for things of this realm that are not solid, such as emotions and thoughts.

Are Thoughts Really Energy?

We don’t think of a thought as solid at all. Yet, when that thought occurs neurons fire, and chemicals are produced that make us feel a certain way that supports that thought. If the thought is optimistic, serotonin and dopamine are created and that makes us happier to support the optimism.

However, if a thought is stress-related, cortisol and norepinephrine are created which raise our blood pressure. This also will increase our heart rate and give us that fight or flight response that doesn’t feel very good! We will then become more stressed, thus supporting that original stresses-related thought.

Therefore, we create the way we feel with our thoughts.

This is powerful!

If you want a happy and fulfilled life, control your thoughts! Sounds simple?

On the surface, yes it is simple but not easy. It takes a lot of practice because we are conditioned through both our DNA and human life experiences to think a certain way when confronted with certain challenges or events.

How Can I Use This Information

We can change these patterns. Here is a simple tool to start with. When confronted by something, and you have a thought which is producing stress, anxiety, or worry, just take note of the thought. Upon noticing it, tell yourself: “It’s just energy!” Then say to the situation: “Thanks for the energy.”

Using gratitude, we can then access that stagnant energy as a resource (a destructive emotion such as anger, worry, or anxiety is trapped energy that needs to move).

By changing how we view the challenge, whatever it may be, we change the chemicals that are released into our brain, and thus change our body’s response.

Now we can use the energy to move, walk, run, skip, dance, or sing! When you get proficient at this you can use it to create or manifest.

What do you want in your life? You have abundant energy all around you to create whatever that is! Start manifesting today!

The Physical Realm We Live In

Matter, that’s everything we can feel, see, touch, smell and hear, is also just energy. Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=MC2, speaks to this. The equation expresses that matter and energy are the same and can be changed into each other.

The energy of any form of matter at rest is determined to be mc2. So, any bit of matter has an energy that potentially is available for conversion to other forms of energy.

The point is, all the stuff around you is just energy. It has the potential to be something of greater value to you if you are willing to see it differently.

As an example, Let’s say you are walking down the street. You pass something that makes you clinch a little. It may be something noisy, perhaps it is unsightly, or even smells bad. It doesn’t matter what it is, the main thing is that you are less comfortable in its presence. While your first reaction may be to get away as quickly as possible, it could also stir a more forceful response. What I’d like you to try is to thank it for being there to teach you about energy!

I strongly believe that everything can work for us. It’s all about perspective. If you think something is wrong, bad, disgusting…

It will be whatever you think about it.

If you see it as a teacher, with gratitude and curiosity, all of a sudden whatever it was that made you clinch has much less power over you. It’s because you took your power back. You are now no longer a victim of that noisy, disgusting smelly thing. It came into your life to help you. Be grateful!

The People In Our Lives

The folks in our lives who are family, friends, acquaintances, strangers who cross our path, and even adversaries or folks that are challenging for us to be around; they are all just energy too! On top of that, they have their own emotions, and stories, while seeing the world from their own unique perspective.

Their perspective may or may not align with yours. It doesn’t matter. Everyone sees life differently. Our job is to observe everything that crosses our path and use that energy to create Love and Light.

We can’t change someone else or do their work for them. We can only set an example by living our own life and creating Light and Love wherever we are. Everything else will take care of itself.

Qigong As A Tool

Qigong is a practice for managing energy. Through the movement, breath, visualizations and mental intentions in a Qigong practice, we become completely present in our thoughts. We then use those present thoughts to manifest energy and a state of well-being in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

I invite you to explore my free YouTube channel and the many simple short Qigong exercises avaible.

I can also create a personalized practice for you.

Qigong is a Mystical Practice

With the proper mindset, Qigong is a tool you can use to transform your health, your mindset and your life!

Qigong puts you in touch with your Energy Body.

This is who we really are.

Our physical body is simply a vehicle that allows us to experience life through our senses.

By accessing your Energy Body, your can manifest real and lasting changes in your life!

However, we are all unique. We experience life differently and see life from our unique perspective.

Therefore, you need a practice that is personalized.

This is the greatest gift I can give to you.

Coaching courses cost thousands of dollars. Here, for a fraction of that cost you can access your true authentic self.

Through your personalized practice, you can then reprogram your mind to manifest health, wellbeing and happiness.

Email me at Qiworks811@gmail.com, and we can discuss your needs for a personalized paractice.

In Conclusion

It’s all just energy. It’s available for you to create the life you were born to live. You can also choose to be a victim of your conditioned thoughts. There’s no right or wrong in either choice. However, would’t you rather live a life of Love Light and fulfillment? It’s up to you!

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