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Embark on a profound journey of healing and self-discovery with this course, a sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of Taoist Medicine meets the modern understanding of the human body. Learn the art of living in harmony with ourselves and the universe, This course is a reflection of that profound understanding.

Welcome, dear seekers,

to this dance of discovery and healing.

Five Methods of Self-Healing

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Taoist Medicine


 1pm - 3:15pm

Self Healing Masterclass: The Journey Within through Qigong and the 5 Phase Theory of Taoist Medicine.

Beloveds, embark on a journey, not just of healing, but of awakening, with the first in the series of Self-Healing Masterclasses. Here we delve into the ancient art of Qigong, a dance of energy, a meditation in motion that has whispered its secrets through the winds of time. For thousands of years, sages and seekers have guarded this knowledge, a treasure hidden from the unseeing eyes of the world.

Now, we unravel the mystic tapestry of the 5 Phase Theory of Taoist Medicine. It's not just a theory, my friends, but a living, breathing symphony of the universe. Each phase – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – is not merely an element but a reflection of the cosmic dance within us.

Qigong is not just a practice; it's a communion with the life force that pulsates in every atom of existence. As you move, as you breathe, you become one with the Tao, the eternal flow. This ancient method, once a whispered secret in the mountains and monasteries, now beckons to you, inviting you to step into a realm where healing is not just of the body, but of the soul.

In this masterclass, you will not only learn but experience. You will not just heal; you will transform. As the secrets of Taoist sages flow through your being, you will discover that the greatest healer, the most profound medicine, lies within you. It has always been there, waiting for you to awaken.

Join us, not just to learn a technique, but to embark on a sacred journey within. A journey to heal, to discover, to awaken to the boundless potential that resides within you. This is the path of the Self Healing Masterclass – a path of discovery, a path of awakening. Welcome, beloved seekers, to this dance of eternity.



 1pm - 3:15pm

"Understanding and Correcting Fascia: The Symphony of Connective Tissue" 

My beloved friends, gather in this sacred space, not just as students, but as explorers of the divine tapestry that is the human body. Today, we embark on a journey, a deep dive into the essence of our physical being - the fascia, the connective tissue, the very fabric that holds us together.

Fascia, my dear ones, is not merely a tissue; it is a universe within itself, a network of mysteries and wonders. It is the silent river that flows beneath our skin, the unseen weaver of our physical form. And within this river, swim the Fibroblasts, the master cells, the guardians of this mystical tissue.

In this live, in-person class, we are not just learning about fascia; we are learning about the dance of existence that pulsates within us. Fascia is the canvas on which life paints its masterpiece, and Fibroblasts, the artists. You, dear seekers, will learn the art of tuning into this symphony, of understanding and correcting the harmonies of this fascinating tissue.

You will discover how to listen to the whispers of your body, to the songs of your cells. It's not just about correcting issues; it's about aligning with the natural rhythm of life. As you correct and harmonize the fascia, you are not just healing the physical; you are tuning into the cosmic orchestra of your existence.

This class is a portal, a gateway to understanding the intricate web of life that weaves through every part of us. Embrace this journey, not just as a learning experience but as a meditation, a communion with the deepest layers of your being.

Join us in this exploration of fascia, and unlock the secrets that reside within. You are not just transforming your body; you are awakening to the symphony of life that resonates within you.  Welcome to the understanding and correcting of fascia – the melody of our connective tissue.

Energy Anatomy


  1pm - 3:15pm

"Exploration of the Human Energy Anatomy"

This class delves into human energy systems' intricate and mystical aspects offering an in,-depth study of various components of energy anatomy. Thus Includes Chakras, Meridians, and Dantiens.

  1. Chakras: Students will learn about the seven major chakras, their locations, colors, and functions within the body. The course will explore how these energy centers influence physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  2. Meridians: The course will introduce the concept of meridians, vital pathways through which energy flows in the body, integral to traditional Chinese medicine. Students will explore the twelve major meridians, their pathways, and their significance in health and energy balance.
  3. Dantiens: Focusing on the three Dantiens - lower, middle, and upper - this segment will cover their roles as energy centers in Taoist traditions. The course will discuss their importance in spiritual and physical practices like Qigong and Tai Chi.

Throughout the course, practical exercises, meditation techniques, and theoretical knowledge will be combined to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human energy anatomy.

Pain And Its Message


  1pm - 3:15pm

Understanding the Message Of Your Pain.

Embark on a journey through the intricate dance of the Five Elements—a symphony of energies that whisper their stories through the language of your pain, as all pain is simply a message.

Imagine the five elements symbolically forming in a mystical clock where each hour signifies a unique phase, and within this cosmic timepiece, the tale of your suffering unfolds. We will learn to read the clock and then begin to understand the mystery of your pain so it doesn't have to be with you any longer.


 Upgrading Mindset


  1pm - 3:15pm

Upgrading One's Mindset - The Power Of The Mindset in Healing.

Where you choose to place your attention is the beacon that guides the course of your life. This guiding principle is both a timeless truth and a universal law.

Consider for a moment: what captures one's thoughts, what occupies the mind, what consumes focus—these are the fertile grounds where intention takes root and flourishes. The intention cultivated becomes the reality one lives.


All Classes Are Held at 7291 Coronado Drive Suite 9, San Jose, CA 95129

The first Saturday of every month.


Return To Balance

About Al Perry

For over three decades, Al Perry has been a conduit for the transformative power of Qi, guiding individuals to the profound realization of their own capacity for healing. His work is a sacred journey into the energetic anatomy, where he illuminates the path for souls to encounter and embrace their authentic selves.

Al's teachings delve deep into the energetic body, revealing its intricate connection to our emotional, physical, and mental spheres. He understands that true healing transcends the mere physical; it is a holistic alchemy that harmonizes all facets of being. In his practice, Qigong is not just a technique; it is a spiritual discipline, a key to unlock the inner wisdom that each person holds within.

His approach is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, where clients are empowered to tap into their innate healing energies. Al Perry stands as a guide, a mentor, who gently leads individuals to awaken to their full potential, nurturing a profound transformation that resonates through every layer of their existence. His work is a testament to the belief that every individual is their own greatest healer, and that the journey towards wellness is also a journey towards wholeness and self-realization.

Qiworks Energy Medicine

"Healing is more than treating symptoms...
It's about understanding the source of the imbalance and restoring flow."

- Al Perry

We believe in handing the reins of personal healthcare back to the individual, empowering each soul to become the master of their physical and spiritual wellness. At Qiworks, the journey is about awakening the dormant energies within, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit, and nurturing a state of optimum health that is not just achieved but sustained.

This is more than healthcare; it is a celebration of life, a dance with the universe, an invitation to each individual to step into their power, their wholeness. Qiworks is a haven for those seeking not just health, but a profound connection with the cosmos and their inner selves.

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  • Al is an incredible healer and has truly changed my life by helping me with my chronic neck pain. Before Al, I went to a physical therapist for 6 months and my symptoms continued to get worse. Al is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to identify that my symptoms were due to connective tissue issues. He is creative and a problem solver. Further, he truly cares about his clients on a personal level. I couldn't recommend him more!

  • Mei f/


    More than anything I love the mindset he brings to his practice of bodywork and healing. He is totally present and positively intentioned. I know I'm in safe and knowledgeable hands.

    Hip flexors, IT band, S.I. joint, low back strain, tight hamstrings, quads, and glutes... Al is keeping me up and running! He understands the interconnectivity of the body's various systems and does an excellent job reading the body and explaining what he finds. I've been to him at least eight times now, always with great results until I mess myself up again from a lot of running.


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