Energy Medicine

Live Life Fulfilled

33 Lessons Intermediate

This course imparts healing modalities for yourself, clients and loved ones. It includes energy anatomy, 5 element theory, Chakras and how they articulate and affect the body, connective tissue reintegration, muscle release and structure alignment.

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Course Structure

Brain Activation System 6 Lessons

Mind Activation Intro

Intro to Mind Activation

Brain Activation

How Neuroplasticity works with Qigong


Before performing Qigong Affirmation exercises it's important to clear any stagnation out. These simple clearing Qigongs do just that.

Brain Activation Qigongs

These simple Qigongs, combined with the affirmations, reprogram your brain to support you on your journey to become the best version of yourself.
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The Breath Alignment Technique 6 Lessons

Chapter 2 Introduction

Introduction for The Breath Technique

More Than Breath

learning to use breath to move through space.

Week 2 affirmations

Chapter 2 Affirmations


Clearing stagnant energy.

Week 2 Qigong

Qigong for week 2 that accentuates breath as the engine that moves one through spce.
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The Manifestation Method 6 Lessons

Introduction to Manifestation

Introduction to the Chapter from Sifu Al Perry

The Manifestation Method

Using Imagery with movement and breath to manifest not only wellness, but our true authentic self.

Week Three Affirmations

Daily affirmations for week 3

Clearing Qigong

Clearing stagnant energy

Manifestation Method Qigongs

Qigongs for Manifesting
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The Stress Eliminator 5 Lessons

Stress Eliminator Qigongs

Qigongs for Stress


Clear stagnant energy with these clearing Qigongs

Daily Affirmations for Week 4

Affirmations to eliminate stress
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The Freedom Formula 5 Lessons

The Observer

Nurturing the archetype of the observer is to strengthen our connection to our "Higher Self." In this section we will nourish that connection.


Qigong exercises for clearing stagnant energy

Affirmations for Week 5

Daily affirmations for week 5 mindset reprograming

Qigongs to Nourish the Observer

Qigong exercises to nourish our connection to our "Higher Self."
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The Fulfillment Incubator 5 Lessons

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