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Quantum Qigong

There's You...

and the Best of You

Here at Qiworks, we help our clients take charge of their personal healthcare. With a combination of Quantum QiGong, Bodywork, and fitness counseling We give our clients the tools to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or click the button to schedule your own appointment with our online calendar.

Take charge of your personal healthcare!

Healing is more than treating symptoms ...    

It's about understanding the source of the imbalance and restoring flow.   

After your treatment you will know more about

your issue and get the tools to bring about real change.


Treatment Options

Check availability, type of treatment options and pricing for personal treatment from Al Perry. 

Quantum Qigong Masterclass

Take charge of your healthcare with self-care. Learn how to keep yourself in balance to allow your own body to heal your issues.

Personalized Nutrients

Get a daily dose of what your individually designed body needs

Take a free health assessment get your health score and get the nutrients in the proper doses for your body, not a generic average.

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