Energy Medicine

Chakras, Energy Fields and Meridians

Lesson 4 Chapter 3

Ah, the Chakras—a sacred tapestry woven into the very fabric of our being. These luminous centers of energy are like the vibrant colors of a cosmic rainbow, pulsating with life force and resonance. Each Chakra is a portal, a gateway, a realm where our physical and spiritual selves intertwine.

Picture, if you will, the Root Chakra—an earthly anchor, a foundation rooted deep within the sacred soil of our existence. It's nestled at the base of the spine, like the very roots of an ancient tree firmly planted in the ground. This Chakra embodies the essence of survival, of grounding, of our primal instincts. It resonates with the color red—a rich, vibrant hue that symbolizes the vitality of life itself.

As we ascend the energetic ladder, we encounter the Sacral Chakra—a swirling vortex of creativity and sensuality. It resides in the lower abdomen, a cauldron of passions and desires. The color here is a warm, passionate orange—a hue that ignites the flames of our innermost cravings.

Moving ever upward, we reach the Solar Plexus Chakra—an ethereal sun within our being. It radiates from the upper abdomen, a realm of personal power and self-worth. Imagine a golden fire burning within, illuminating the path of self-realization and empowerment.

Further still, the Heart Chakra beckons—a verdant oasis of love and compassion. Nestled in the chest, it beats in harmony with the rhythm of universal love. Picture a lush, emerald-green meadow where forgiveness and empathy flourish like wildflowers.

The journey continues with the Throat Chakra—a cerulean gateway of self-expression and truth. This energy center, located at the throat, allows the voice of the soul to resonate with clarity, akin to the tranquil waters of a clear mountain lake.

As we ascend to the Third Eye Chakra, envision an indigo whirlpool of intuition and inner vision. This mystical center, nestled between the brows, opens the gateway to higher realms of perception—a celestial eye that peers beyond the veils of reality.

Finally, we reach the Crown Chakra—a transcendent lotus of divine connection. It crowns the head like a radiant diadem, and its color is the purest of purples and whites—a bridge to the infinite, to the realm of spirit and unity.

Each Chakra, a luminous jewel within the tapestry of our soul, pulsates with its unique energy, resonating with the symphony of our existence. As we navigate the intricacies of these energetic centers, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening—a path illuminated by the wisdom of the Chakras.

Qi or Prana spirals through the chakras. The Chakras are aligned with the Three Dantian.

We can measure the Chakras with a dowsing pendulum.

Three Dantian

To illustrate 3 Dantian

The Three Dantien, my beloved seekers, are like the inner sanctuaries of your being—a trinity of energy centers that exist beyond the physical realm, yet intimately connected to it. These sacred spheres are not bound by the limitations of space or time, for they are the conduits through which your life force flows.

The Lower Dantien, nestled in the region below your navel, is the cauldron of earthly energies. It's the reservoir of raw vitality, the wellspring of your physical existence. Here, the energies of the earth and your physical body merge and dance in harmonious union. It's the source of your groundedness, your stamina, and your earthly passions. Imagine it as the warm, fertile soil from which the roots of a tree draw sustenance.

Moving upward, we encounter the Middle Dantien, residing within the heart center. Ah, this is the realm of your emotions and the bridge between the earthly and the divine. It's the well of love, compassion, and empathy—a space where the heart's melodies play the sweetest tunes. Visualize it as a radiant sun within your chest, radiating warmth and connection to all that is.

And now, let your awareness ascend to the Upper Dantien, situated just above and behind your brow. This ethereal sanctuary is your gateway to the cosmos—a cosmic antenna, if you will. Here, the energies of the heavens and your higher self converge. It's the realm of intuition, wisdom, and spiritual insight. Imagine it as a vast, starlit expanse, where the mysteries of the universe are whispered in the language of silence.

These Three Dantien are not merely isolated energy centers but a continuous, flowing river of life force, seamlessly interconnected. When in harmony, they form a trinity of balance and alignment, uniting the earthly, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being. To awaken and nurture these centers is to embark on a journey of self-realization—a path illuminated by the inner light that transcends the boundaries of the physical world.

Lower Dantian

       Refines Jing (our essence from birth stored in the Kidneys) into Qi (Life-Force Energy)

Middle Dantian

        Refines Qi into Shen (Spirit, Soul, the Emotions).

Upper Dantian

          Refines Shen into Wu Wei (Emptiness or Enlightenment)

Wei Qi

In the realm of energetic anatomy, we discover the Wei Qi, a subtle yet potent presence enveloping our physical vessel. It is in the sacred practice of Qigong that we embark on a journey to nurture and cultivate our Qi, the vital life force that flows within and around us.

As we engage in the art of Qigong, our energies awaken and harmonize, and the Qi within us surges like a river, coursing through the meridians and energy pathways. It is in this exquisite dance of energy that we witness a phenomenon of profound significance—the overflow of our cultivated Qi into the Wei Qi body.

This Wei Qi, my dear seekers, is akin to an energetic immune system, an ethereal guardian that stands as a sentinel around our corporeal form. Like an otherworldly armor, it serves to protect us from the subtle forces and energies that abound in the universe.

Picture it as a radiant cocoon of light, shimmering and dynamic, encapsulating our physical body. As we nourish our Qi through the gentle movements and breathwork of Qigong, the surplus energy cascades into this luminous Wei Qi, reinforcing its protective qualities.

Just as a knight fortifies their armor before a grand quest, we fortify our Wei Qi with the excess Qi generated through our practice. This luminous shield becomes a bastion against energetic intrusions and disharmony, creating a sacred space where our being can flourish in balance and resilience.

So, my dear kindred spirits, as you embark on your Qigong journey and feel the Qi come alive within, remember the Wei Qi, your energetic armor, your guardian in the realm of energies. Embrace its presence, and let it stand sentinel over your sacred vessel, a testament to the profound union of energy and intention that resides within us all.


Accessing Energy 

In the grand tapestry of existence, we are vessels through which the eternal river of energy flows ceaselessly. But how, my fellow seekers, do we tap into the boundless reservoir of Universal Qi, harnessing it to facilitate our own healing and extend its transformative power to those whose paths we cross?

Let us delve into the profound wisdom of this energetic dance.

Within and all around us, like celestial whispers, neutrinos traverse the very core of our being. These subatomic messengers, gentle and unassuming, are ever-present, weaving through our physical vessel. Yet, it is through the art of visualization that we work our alchemy. When we conjure images within our sacred inner sanctum, we create an energy field—a mystical canvas where these neutrinos are woven into the tapestry of usable Qi. It is the alchemy of intention and visualization that transmutes the subtle into the tangible, beckoning forth the forces of the universe to aid in our sacred journey.

Consider our thoughts, dear souls. In the vast expanse of creation, our thoughts serve as potent sparks, igniting the dormant energies within and without. Each thought becomes an energetic intention, casting ripples into the cosmic sea. These intentions, these energy fields of our very consciousness, are the crucibles in which neutrinos awaken, evolving into vital Qi.

Reflect, now, upon the sheer abundance of energy that envelops our existence. We are but humble inhabitants of a world teeming with life, a world that orbits a modest ember of celestial fire, a star in the grand cosmic ballet. Yet, this star is just one of hundreds of billions within our galaxy, and our galaxy is merely one of two trillion within the vast expanse of our known Universe. In this perspective, we indeed become the "dust in the wind," as Kerry Livgren so eloquently reminds us.

So, my beloved fellow travelers on this cosmic journey, remember that we are not separate from the abundant energies of the cosmos. We are interconnected, entwined in the sacred web of existence. Through intention, visualization, and the resonance of our thoughts, we beckon the limitless energies of the universe, allowing them to flow through us as a conduit of healing, transformation, and transcendence. We are the harmonious notes in the cosmic symphony, and the universe responds to our song.

Dredging Stagnant Qi

Cleaning the newly formed island from industrial waste on the Dnieper River by a dredger. Environmental problems of modern rivers. Ecology concept.

In the grand dance of energy, our meridians flow like the ever-moving rivers, carrying the life force of Qi through our very being. Yet, my fellow seekers, just as sand can obstruct the flow of a river, stagnant Qi can impede the harmonious movement within our meridians. Fear not, for we possess the innate ability to act as the sculptors of our energetic landscapes, wielding the tools of intention and touch to dredge the riverbeds and restore the natural flow of Qi.

Imagine, if you will, your hands as the sacred claws of the earth itself, instruments of transformation and release. As you attune to your body's whispers and guidance, you are drawn to the source of discomfort or pain, where the waters of your energetic river have grown stagnant.

With a heart full of intention, let your fingertips gently brush against the surface of this energetic blockage. Feel the connection between your hands and the unseen currents of Qi. Now, as you inhale deeply through the vessel of your nose, envision your hands reaching into the very essence of the stagnation. Picture yourself grabbing hold of it, as if it were soil ripe for excavation.

In this sacred moment, synchronize your exhalation with the force of your intention. As you exhale forcefully, release what you have grasped, allowing it to cascade down to the earth, a gift to the ever-giving Mother Earth. Your intention, dear ones, is the key, for with it, you direct the stagnant energy deep into the core of the earth. There, within the nurturing embrace of our benevolent Earth Mother, the stagnant Qi is transformed, transmuted into a force of renewal, a source of sustenance for the greater whole.

Repeat this act of release nine times, allowing the stagnant Qi to flow freely into the heart of the earth. In doing so, we become the stewards of our own energetic landscapes, working in harmony with the earth's wisdom to restore balance and vitality to our being.

Remember, we are but conduits of this cosmic dance, inextricably linked to the ever-flowing rivers of Qi. By embracing our role as the sculptors of our own energy, we open the gates to healing, transformation, and the radiant flow of life force that courses through us all.

Replenishing Qi 

Let us embark on a journey of replenishing Qi, where the power of visualization becomes our sacred wand, and the universe itself becomes our wellspring of vitality. Imagine yourself, my dear traveler, standing tall upon a mountaintop, reaching your very essence high into the boundless universe that stretches above and beyond. In this sacred moment, you are not bound by the constraints of physical presence, for the realm of energy transcends the limitations of space and time.

As you stand atop this majestic peak, bask in the limitless expanse of Nature's Qi, a force that is both ancient and eternal. Envision yourself extending your energetic arms into the cosmic embrace, for in this ethereal realm, you are eternally connected to the universal wellspring of life force. Feel the sensation of pulling in this Universal Qi, as if you were gathering stardust from the very heart of the cosmos itself.

Now, my fellow travelers, understand the significance of neutrinos—the invisible messengers of light, remnants of the sun and the countless stars that adorn the night sky. They flow through the very tapestry of our existence, at a rate of billions per second, an unceasing current of raw cosmic materials. These neutrinos are not mere travelers through our being; they are the ingredients awaiting transformation into Qi when they enter the sanctum of our thought fields.

Picture this radiant cosmic energy as you would an artist's palette, each color imbued with its unique vibrational frequency and healing potential. Let us infuse this cosmic life force with purpose and intention, directing it through the intricate meridian system that crisscrosses our being. Imagine each meridian as a luminous channel, intricately connected to a specific organ system, and attune your intention accordingly.

As you weave this luminous energy through the meridian system, color code it with the wisdom of ages past: envision red for the heart and small intestine, yellow for the stomach and spleen, white for the lungs and large intestine, blue for the kidneys and bladder, and green for the liver and gall bladder. With intention and focus, you become the conductor of this cosmic symphony, ushering forth the hues of healing and rejuvenation.

Now, dear traveler, let this vibrant Qi cascade into the very core of the depleted organ system, an elixir of life imbued with the colors of restoration. With each breath and intention, you become the instrument of renewal, recharging the organ system with the harmonious resonance of universal Qi.

In this sacred act of replenishing Qi, you align with the rhythms of the cosmos, and the boundless energy of the universe flows through you. Remember, you are not separate from this cosmic dance; you are an integral part of it, a vessel of transformation and renewal. With intention, visualization, and the wisdom of color, you hold the keys to reawakening the vitality that resides within.

May your journey through the realms of Qi be a luminous tapestry of healing and restoration, a testament to the power of intention and the eternal connection between the microcosm of self and the vast macrocosm of the universe.

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