Energy Medicine

Chakras, Energy Fields and Meridians

Lesson 2 Chapter 2

Qi or Prana spirals through the chakras. The Chakras are aligned with the Three Dantian.

We can measure the Chakras with a dowsing pendulum.

Three Dantian

To illustrate 3 Dantian

Lower Dantian

       Refines Jing (our essence from birth stored in the Kidneys) into Qi (Life-Force Energy)

Middle Dantian

        Refines Qi into Shen (Spirit, Soul, the Emotions).

Upper Dantian

          Refines Shen into Wu Wei (Emptiness or Enlightenment)

Wei Qi

The Wei Qi surrounds our physical body. When we cultivate Qi with Qigong, and our energy is flowing, the excess Qi flows into the Wei Qi body to act as an energetic immune system, or an energetic armor to protect us.


Guiding Energy Flow

While we know energy is always running through us, how do we tap into Universal Qi to facilitate our healing and those we are attempting to assist?

  • We have the neutrinos that are continuously passing through us. Our visualizations create an energy field that converts those neutrinos to usable Qi. Our thoughts create an energy field of intention. The neutrinos are then energized to become usable Qi.
  • There is an abundance of energy in this realm, We are a one of 7.9 billion on a speck of dust. We orbit a mediocre ember of a star thrown off by a spiraling cluster of 200- 400 billion stars in our galaxy! Our galaxy is one of 2 trillion in our one know Universe! We are truly "dust in the wind." ~ Kerry Livgren

Dredging Stagnant Qi

Cleaning the newly formed island from industrial waste on the Dnieper River by a dredger. Environmental problems of modern rivers. Ecology concept.
Just like sand in a river, (Meridians flow like rivers), stagnant Qi will impede the flow. Just as in the picture above, we can use a claw to get the stagnant out and get natural flow back to the Meridian. Our hands will serve as claws.

Adding Qi to Organ Systems

Visualizations will help you in cultivation. If you can imagine yourself on a mountaintop, reaching up into the universe, and then pulling in that Universal Qi, then you have it. You can be anywhere. However, if in your mind you are on that mountaintop, with all of Natures Qi at your disposal, you will indeed bring that Qi in. Remember the neutrinos? They are going through are body at the rate of a couple of billion per second. They are our raw material, to be transformed into Qi when they enter our thought fields.

Now run that Qi, with the appropriate color, through the meridian system of the depleted organ system and then into the physical organ. You've just recharged that organ system!

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