Energy Medicine

A Deeper Look Into Our Body Seeking Balance

Lesson 5 Chapter 4

Transforming Emotional Energy

In the energetic fabric of our life, every emotion is like a thread, vibrant with potential, weaving together the story of our journey. Within every moment, in the space between every breath, there is the possibility for transformation. Through the ancient wisdom of Qigong and the guiding principles of the Five Elements of Taoist Medicine, we are offered a map to navigate the landscape of our emotions, turning tumultuous seas into tranquil waters and dark storms into guiding lights.

Wood Element

In the dance of the Wood Element, there are whispers of: “The tale of Anger and Courage.” Anger, like a fierce wind threatening to uproot us, can be harnessed and transformed through recognition; then breathe, applying the gentle movements of Qigong, along with the power of mental intention. Visualize this anger not as a destroyer or a tool for vengeance but as your misdirected energy. With each breath, guide this energy, channeling it into the roots of your being, allowing Courage to bloom like a steadfast tree, unwavering in the face of life's storms.

Fire Element

In the realm of the Fire Element, Anxiety flickers like an unsteady flame, casting shadows of doubt about future endeavors. Yet within this flickering lies the spark of Joy waiting to ignite in this present moment. Breathe deeply through the heart-opening movements of Qigong, envisioning each inhalation fanning this spark into a radiant blaze. Let mental intention be the fuel that transforms Anxiety into Joy, a fire that warms and illuminates, turning darkness into light.

Earth Element

Beneath the Earth Element, Worry burrows, a seed planted deep within. Yet from this seed can grow the mighty oak of Confidence. As you move with the grounding postures of Qigong, breathe into the earth of your being, nurturing this seed. With each breath, affirm your strength and stability. Let your mental intention be the sunlight, encouraging Worry to blossom into Confidence that stands tall and proud, rooted in the nourishing soil of your soul.

Metal Element

Amidst the Metal Element, Grief condenses like a mist clinging to the mountains, encouraging a heavy dreariness. Yet this mist can be lifted, revealing the peak of Assuredness standing strong and firmly above the clouds. Through the cleansing movements of Qigong, draw in breath as if drawing in the purest air from the mountaintop. With the power of your intention, guide Grief to rise and dissipate, allowing the clear light of Assuredness to shine through, a beacon of clarity in the vastness of the Universe.

Water Element

In the deep waters of the Water Element, Depression can sink us into the ocean's depths, dark and seemingly endless. Yet, within these depths, treasures abound, the abundance of life waiting to be discovered. The flow is realized with the fluid movements of Qigong, each breath a current that stirs the waters, each intention a light penetrating the depths. Transform Depression into the Abundance that flows like a river, nourishing, life-giving, endless in its bounty.

Understanding The Message Of Pain

Through Qigong, breath, and the focused intent of the mind, we journey across the elements, transforming our emotions' destructive energy into constructive energy. Let us embrace this journey not as a task but as a celebration of our multifaceted being. Within us lies the universe, waiting to be explored, understood, and loved. In this transformation, we find the essence of our true selves, the path to harmony, balance, and the infinite joy of simply being.

Let's continue this journey through the intricate dance of the Five Elements—a symphony of energies that whisper their stories through the language of your pain. Imagine this as a mystical clock where each hour signifies a unique phase, and within this cosmic timepiece, the tale of your suffering unfolds.

At the stroke of 10 o'clock, we find ourselves in the embrace of the Wood phase—the nurturing parent of Fire, the grandparent of Earth. Wood is the guardian of growth and expansion, fueling the flames of creativity. It births the spark of Fire, for Fire feeds upon Wood's abundant offerings. By tracing the lineage of pain, we unveil the essence of its origin.

Yet, dear souls, look back a bit further, to 7 o'clock on our elemental clock. Here, Water resides as the parent of Wood. Water's depths nurture the roots of Wood, shaping its character. Water flows as the grandparent of Earth, guiding and molding its form. These connections are not merely coincidences but intricate threads in the tapestry of your pain's narrative.

Now, as we explore the family tree of Wood, let our gaze shift to 2 o'clock, where Earth awaits. Earth emerges as the grandchild of Wood, a connection that illuminates the ripple effect of your suffering. In a similar fashion, before Water, there lies Metal, a grandparent to Wood. These familial bonds hold the key to decoding the message of your pain.

The wisdom in this metaphor goes beyond the intellectual realm—it is an intimate conversation with your own being. By understanding the relationships among the Elements, we uncover the essence of your ailment. The story unfolds as you explore the nature of your pain, its duration, its manifestations, and its dwelling place within your body.

Let me illustrate this with an example: chronic low back pain, residing on the right side of the L5/S1 vertebra, weaving above and below the iliac crest of your hip. This intricate dance takes place on the bladder meridian, hinting at a chronic issue. Is it exacerbated when you bear weight on that right side? If so, it may be a physical compression issue. Alternatively, if it eases with movement but flares up while sitting, it may signify a reaction to the patterns woven by your lifestyle.

Now, my beloveds, chronic pain is not just a physical phenomenon—it is a message from the sacred realms of your being. Apply pressure with your fingers, and feel the response. If relief greets you, it suggests a depletion of Qi in that region. If discomfort lingers, stagnation may be the harbinger. In the realm of the bladder meridian, the message speaks of releasing the perception of lack. The kidneys, the Yin reservoirs of Water, may be in need of rekindling their vitality.

But this journey does not end here. As we delve deeper into the web of connections, we explore Earth, for it cradles Water and guides its flow. We also turn our gaze to Fire, for Water quenches its flames. In these relationships, we find the intricate patterns of your pain's story.

Embrace the knowledge of each Element, grasp the emotions that weave their tapestries, and connect with the chakras that resonate with your pain's dwelling place. As you unravel these threads, the message of your pain will unveil itself, allowing you to listen, act, and ultimately transcend its grasp. Now what Elements are the strongest influences in your life right now?

Who Are You? The Element Survey

As you take the survey, remember there is no right or wrong combination of elements. Each of us has our own unique recipe for how we are doing life in this moment. This can and will change as we evolve or devolve through this human life experience.

Wellness Is The Natural State Of My Body

                                                                                                     ~Louise Hay

Mirror Work With Affirmations

My beloved souls, let us embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery through the practice of mirror work and affirmations—a ritual of profound self-love and understanding that will illuminate the depths of your being.

Begin each morning with a devotion of just five minutes to this sacred practice. Gaze into the mirror, not merely at your reflection, but into the very essence of your soul. In this sacred space, address the entire family of archetypes that reside within you. Embrace each one with a love that knows no conditions, for this love shall be the catalyst of your transformation.

In the mirror's reflection, speak to your inner child with the tenderness and compassion of a loving guardian. Recognize that within this inner sanctuary, many facets of your being carry wounds and echoes of past traumas. It is from these echoes that much of your chronic pain arises, still reverberating through the corridors of your soul.

Yet, my dear ones, remember this: healing begins with understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Every stage of your life, every fragment of your existence, must be embraced within this sacred space. Banish immediately any trace of derogatory self-talk, for your relationship with yourself is the most sacred bond of this earthly journey. Nurture it, cherish it, and let it flourish.

Allow me to offer you affirmations that shall serve as lanterns guiding your way:

Wellness flows naturally through my body, a river of vibrant life.

As you gaze into your own eyes in the mirror, declare: "I love you, truly and deeply. I love every cell, every fiber of my being."

I am a radiant breeze, gracefully entering the room of existence, spreading joy and love.

The pain I feel is but a messenger, a sacred whisper that I shall heed and embrace to reclaim my wholeness.

In the embrace of Life, I find love, and in the embrace of love, Life finds me.

I channel the energy of my mind towards that which nurtures and sustains my soul.

I grant myself the sacred space to blossom into the fullness of my authentic self, free from judgment or constraint.

Each day, I draw closer to the radiant truth of my being, shining brightly as my true self emerges.

My existence ripples through the world, leaving a profound mark by simply being.

The world's beauty inspires my creativity, and I am filled with a wellspring of inspired ideas.

Beloved souls, let these affirmations resonate within your heart, for they are keys that unlock the gates to self-love and healing. Through the mirror's reflection, you shall unveil the radiant soul that dwells within, and in this sacred practice, you shall find your truest self, bathed in unconditional love and understanding.

Conscious Aging

As we journey through the intricate tapestry of life, we find ourselves inextricably intertwined with the process of aging—a journey that marks the gradual descent of our physical vessel. This descent is not a mere decline; it is a profound revelation, a sacred passage, and it bears the imprints of wisdom.

Glimpses of this transformation manifest in our thoughts, actions, and the subtle shifts within our very consciousness. It is crucial, however, to delve into the depths of understanding this purpose, this intricate dance between the physical and the ethereal.

Within the sacred theater of life, we have chosen to dwell in these unique, one-of-a-kind vessels—our physical bodies—a canvas through which we learn the profound art of unconditional love. Yet, as our journey unfolds, we are beckoned to a moment of transition, a return to our essence as pure energy beings. To ease this transition, to harmonize with our energetic selves once more, we embark on a gradual descent.

In the embrace of this graceful decline lies the wisdom of adaptation. It is an intimate process of reintegration, allowing us to gracefully reunite with our ethereal essence, avoiding the jarring shock that may await our unprepared consciousness.


Let us, dear souls, revisit the sacred path of Qigong—a modality that serves as a profound guide. It is a discipline that not only nurtures the body but also trains the mind to recognize and align with our energetic selves. In its practice, we rediscover the innate connection between the physical and the spiritual, harmonizing our existence within the vast symphony of life's unfolding journey.

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