Energy Medicine

Energy Anatomy

Lesson 2


       Chakra                           Color                  Archetype                      Psych                             Perception                         Gland        

  Muladhara (Root)                    Red                      Mother Earth          Stability/Trust/Will to Live    Kinetic Tactile Proprioception          Adrenal

 Swadhisthana (Sacral)         Orange                  Creative Child           Creative - Love of Life               Playful - Sensual                Ovaries/Gonads

 Manipura (Solar Plexus)        Yellow                Spiritual Warrior      Personal Power -Intuition            Self Knowing - Will                    Pancreas

    Anahita (Heart)                  Green                      Lover/Healer        Unconditional Love - Survival      Ego - Compassion                      Thymus

   Vishuddha (Throat)           Sky Blue                    Truth Teller        Illuminate Clarity/Understanding   To hear, speak and taste           Thyroid

       Anna (3rd eye)                 Indigo                        Magician          Visualize, Understand, Manifest       To see and interpret                 Pituitary 

   Sahasrara (Crown)        Violet/white            High Priest(ess)    Integration of spirit/body/emotion      Seeing the big picture               Pineal

Three Dantian

To illustrate 3 Dantian

Three Dantian

Lower Dantian

       Refines Jing (our essence from birth stored in the Kidneys) into Qi (Life-Force Energy)

Middle Dantian

        Refines Qi into Shen (Spirit, Soul, the Emotions).

Upper Dantian

          Refines Shen into Wu Wei (Emptiness or Enlightenment)

Meridian Flow

illustrating General Meridian Flow

Wei QI

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