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Lesson 7 Chapter 6

In this profound journey of self-healing, we've delved deep into the realms of wisdom, embracing the profound teachings of Qigong, the intricate landscapes of our body's energy anatomy, the mystic beauty of fascia, the radiant chakras, structural realignment, and the art of mindset transformation. It's been a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Yet, knowledge alone does not catalyze change; it's in the application that the true alchemy of healing unfolds.

Now, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture, poised to harness the myriad tools we've encountered. These tools are not just instruments to gather dust on the shelves of your consciousness; they are your allies, your guides, your companions on the path to self-healing. Together, let's embark on a voyage that will illuminate the ways in which you can seamlessly integrate these teachings into your daily life, so they become an intrinsic part of your being.

First and foremost, explore the art of Qigong in greater depth. It's not merely a set of movements; it's a sacred dance with the life force that flows through you. Unveil the subtleties of how to attune to your Qi, to listen to its whispers, and to harmonize with its rhythms. Qigong becomes your daily practice, a communion with the energy that sustains you.

Next, navigate the intricate pathways of your body's energy anatomy. Unearth the treasures hidden within meridians, acupoints, and energy centers. You'll discover how to maintain the flow of vital life force, how to cleanse stagnation, and how to rejuvenate your energy system. This is not just knowledge; it's the foundation of your vitality.

Fascia, the connective tissue that weaves through your body, will become a language you speak fluently. You'll comprehend its messages, its role in your mobility, and its connection to your emotional well-being. You'll learn to nurture this living matrix, unlocking the freedom it bestows upon your physical and emotional self.

The chakras, those spinning vortices of energy, will reveal their secrets to you. Each chakra is a portal to a different facet of your existence. We'll explore how to balance and cleanse these energy centers, harmonizing your inner world with the universe's symphony.

Structural realignment, both in body and mind, will be your compass for transformation. Delve into the art of posture, breath, and movement. You'll understand how alignment affects your energy flow and how to stand tall in the face of life's challenges.

Last but not least, journey into the realms of mindset training. Your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions are the architects of your reality. Delve into the mechanics of conscious creation, offering tools to reshape your thoughts and rewrite the story of your life.

As you embark on this exploration, remember that healing is not an event; it's a continuous process. The tools you've acquired are your companions on this sacred voyage. They are the keys to unlocking your innate potential, your capacity to heal, and your ability to radiate vitality. Come back to these teachings often: They are Sacred! Together, let's weave these teachings into the tapestry of your daily existence, for it is in the practical application that the true magic of self-healing unfolds.

They are outlined here by element or phase.


            Destructive Emotions                                                                 Constructive  Emotions

       Anger - Irritation - Annoyance                                                          Courage -  Tenacity - Audacity

                 Yin Organ - Liver                                                                          Yang Organ - Gallbladder 

         Season - Spring           Color - Green          Sound - Urrr          Traits - Strength and Flexibility

            Tissue - Tendons and Ligaments                 Sense - Sight                       Taste - Sour

Affirmation -  I use the energy of anger and irritation to grow, expand with courage and strength.

Affirmation - "I use the energy of Anger and Irritation to grow, expand and be constructive."

Possible Points of Pain - Stiffness in tendons, especially IT band.  Temples.  Top of shoulders. Lower ribs, especially om right side.

Qigongs - 

Wood Element Qigong

Step forward with the left leg with the right foot at a 45 degree angle (like warrior I).   Imagine a small green ball in your right hand - draw it toward your back while extending your left arm forward as far as possible.  

Extend fingers, visualizing a green light rising up the inner leg and into the liver. Gaze with intensity at your fingers, seeing every detail. 

Step back, align the heels, exchange the ball to your left hand and then repeat the exercise on the opposite side. Start by stepping forward with the right leg with the left foot turning slightly a ta 45 degree angle. 

Inhale deeply on one side, pause while changing sides and exhale on the opposite side. Repeat the whole round 9 times.

Tree Blowing in the Wind - Legs slightly wider than should width rooted deeply into the earth. Arms extend out and up. On the inhale the arms move slowly to the right bringing the torso (trunk of the tree) along. Exhaling, the arms and torso move slowly to the left. This exercise promotes strength and flexibility in the tendons and reminds us against being rigid in our manner as well as our thoughts. 

Chakras - Root, Sacral, Solar plexus  and Heart could all be involved (All the  physical and the first two emotional)


                   Destructive Emotions                                                       Constructive  Emotions

       Anxiety - Apprehension -  Restlessness                                 Joyful - Lighthearted - pleasurable

                       Yin Organ - Heart                                                                Yang Organ - Small Intestine

         Season - Summer           Color - Red          Sound - Ahhh          Traits - Passionate - Creative

            Tissue - veins and arteries                 Sense - Taste                       Taste - Bitter

Affirmation - I use the energy of my anxiousness to go out and experience the joy of being alive with a deep sense of gratitude.

Possible Points of Pain  - Outer arms, tingling in fingers, panic attacks, circulation issues, High Blood Pressure, twitching.


Absorbing Red Light and Shunting it Through  the Body

Standing with legs shoulder width apart - lift the left toes and rotate left on the heel 90 degrees - simultaneously floating the right arm up, palm out with the elbow at 90 degrees. Extend the heel of your right palm under your left forearm. 

Imagine the forearm and palm absorbing a brilliant red light and shunt it through your chest and into the back leg.  

Rotate back on the heel to the original stance. Lift the right toes to rotate right on the heel 90 degrees, simultaneously floating the right arm up, palm out with the elbow at 90 degrees. Extend the heel of your right palm under your left forearm. Absorb the red light, again shunting it through the chest and down the back leg.

Now allow the breath to be the engine which moves you, inhaling to the left, exhaling to the right.

Chakras - Heart or 4th Chakra. Fire imbalances can also affect the throat or 5th Chakra.


                   Destructive Emotions                                                       Constructive  Emotion                            Worry -  Doubt -  Off Balance                                         Confidence - Self assured -  Content                      Yin Organ - Heart                                                                 Yang Organ - Small Intestine

  Season - Late Summer     Color - Red     Sound - Huu (Like Who)    Traits - Confident - Certainty

                     Tissue - Muscles                       Sense - Touch                       Taste - Sweet

Affirmation - I use the energy of gravity to stay present in each moment. I reject the lure of the future, knowing everything I need is here and now.

              Possible Points of Pain - Acid reflux - front of legs - Front Lower Ribs -  Chronic muscle soreness - Balance


Earth Rotating - Make a triangle with thumbs and index fingers and hold it above and away from your forehead with the arms extending the triangle about 18 inches in front of you.

Visualize golden sunlight coming through it and into the third eye, between your eyes and brow height, as you slowly twist your upper torso to the left. Simultaneously draw golden Light up the inner aspect of the right leg. Repeat, twisting slowly to the right as you exhale, continue seeing the sunlight coming into the third eye through the triangle and drawing golden Light up your left leg. Repeat nine times.

As you move back and forth, with long deep breaths pacing your movement, think of the sun, rising and setting, as it comes across the horizon with your movement. Feet rooted deep into the earth, there is nothing to worry about as you trust that the sun will continue to rise and set every day.

Chakras - Primarily the Solar plexus or 3rd chakra - Occasionally may affect the 2nd Chakra, The Sacral Chakra.


                Destructive Emotions                                                    Constructive  Emotion                             Grief - Sadness - Codependency                                  Understanding - Inner Peace -  Forgiving                      Yin Organ - Lungs                                                             Yang Organ - Large Intestine

  Season - Autumn  Color - White  Sound - Sssss(Like a snake) Traits - Mental Clarity - Uncluttered

                     Tissue - Skin                       Sense - Smell                     Taste - Pungent

Affirmation - I let go of the past and gain insight, energy and wisdom. I am better now than yesterday, and I continue my evolution into the best version of myself.

Possible Points of Pain - Asthma - Itchy or dry skin - Shallow Breathing - Brain Fog - Hoarding - Constipation -  Sinus/Allergies


Lung Cultivation and Clearing - Stand with legs shoulder width apart. Inhale deeply while extending both arms out to your sides, palms facing forward, visualizing white light flowing up the arms and into the chest.

As you exhale, bring your arms and palms towards your chest, and then sling a visualized yellow sludge out from your hands while making a hissing sound. Repeat 9 times

Metal Element Cultivation ~ Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart while visualizing yourself knee deep in a white mist - bend the knees and gather the mist with both hands cupped - inhale, slowly directing the mist over the top of your head. As you exhale, visualize mist pouring into your crown chakra, permeating your body as you exhale while the hands move down the front of the body - repeat nine times.

Chakras - 4th or Heart Chakra. Metal can also affect the 5th and 6th Chakras, Throat and Third Eye.


                  Destructive Emotions                                                    Constructive  Emotion                                      Depression - Lack - Fatigue                                           Abundant - Generous - Self Sufficient                          Yin Organs- Kidneys                                                          Yang Organ - Urinary Bladder

  Season - Winter  Color - Blue  Sound - Shurr(Like water)running(this is whispered)                                                                  Traits -  Peaceful Energy - Rested - Nurturing 

                     Tissue - Bones                       Sense - Hearing                     Taste - Salty

Affirmation - I flow like a peaceful river, rolling through life. I know life is abundant, I lack for nothing.

Possible Points of Pain - Low Back Pain - Hormone Imbalances - Chronic Fatigue - Urinary tract infections - Joint Pain


Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart visualizing yourself standing knee deep in water -  place the back of your left hand behind your right kidney - inhale as you bend the knees.

While dipping into the water with your right hand, scoop the water and lift it up to the left of the body - turn the hand at chest height and visualize the blue water transforming into a blue mist - exhale while bringing hand and mist across the front of your face, palm out - listen intently for the sound of its movement and whisper the healing sound of Shurr, imagining it is the sound of water running in a brook. Repeat nine times.

Change hands and do the opposite side, changing the water color to a deeper darker blue. Repeat nine times.

Chakras - Root and Sacral Chakras, 1st and 2nd Chakras.

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