Energy Medicine

Directing Energy Through Qigong

Lesson 10

Setting the Intention

Preparation for beginning practice.

  • Create a healing space

Setting the appropriate intention is vital to achieving beneficial results.  The tone of the room should put the participant at ease. Even if it is self-healing you are working toward, the space you practice in should be sacred.

Start with a clean surface. Add beckoning aromas, but not too much, as each individual has their particular likes and dislikes.  Lighting is key. Subdued lighting aides in relaxation. Meaningful décor that speaks to both you and the person entering. Sweep out corners with feathers or a silk bandanna of energetic stagnation. Now it's time for your temple.

  • Check your mindset 

Leave your personal issues behind. Be completely present. Have no preconceived notions about what is about to take place. Observe what unfolds as you are in its energy within each moment. 

See yourself as one with everything around you. As you breathe, see you and your breath as one. Let go into each moment and each breath. Direct each thought to be about connecting and being one with everything. When any thought is about anything other than being present and one with everything, let it pass like a cloud and give the thought no energy at all. Then go back to your breath.

Do 5 - 7 minutes of Qigong to clear, circulate and connect.

  • Connect with your spirit guides

We all have guides. Maybe you haven't met yours. Perhaps it is time to begin communicating. They are always and have continuously been with you. They encourage you and root you on when you re at your lowest point. They are wonderful helpers in the healing process, whether it be yours or someone you are about to work with.

After assessment begin your treatment

  • Palpate the patient to locate blockage or any other issue of imbalance.
  • After locating the location of the issue, note the meridian, element, chakra and Dantian involved.
  • Note what emotions might be coming up and start questioning the patient accordingly to get more information and clues.
  • Create a strategy, either move a blockage, pull out stagnation, strengthen a depleted organ system or circulate sluggish Qi.
  • Start a partnered Qigong.

Partnered Qigong

Qi flow is directed by the Daoyi practitioner out through the patient's Yang meridians to the Wei Qi to purify and remove stagnation From there it is directed to Nature then back though Wei Qi and then into the Yin Meridians to strengthen.

Check Chakras for balance

After Qi flow is established and any blockage is moved, and deficient Qi is restored the Chakras should be checked for balance.

Medical Qigong Closing Sequence

Once Flow is established and Chakras are balanced then the closing sequence is applied.

  • One minute (6 breaths) in vertical figure eight from top of the middle Dantian to middle of the lower Dantian.
  • Repeat with a horizontal figure eight from one side of the body to the other side.
  • Direct Qi from bubbling springs to perineum up the inside of the legs then down the gallbladder meridian and repeat 9 times.
  • Close by directing macrocosmic orbit 3 times.
  • Release the Qi connection and bow.

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