Energy Medicine

Combining Modalities In Practical Application

Lesson 8

Five Elements, Chakras, Fascia, Qigong, Meridians, 3 Dantian, Vibration, Traction: Putting them all together.

We've learned about the Five Elements and their connection to nature, our organs and our emotions. 

The mystery of how our Chakras interact with our physical body to promote wellness and communicate our needs is now better understood.

We now get that Fascia, that mysterious collagen fibrous tissue, both supports us and helps us move through space. Not only that but fascia helps deliver lymphatic fluid which has white blood cells the keep us healthy through it's interstitium space.

Qigong is now our modality to elicit change in our body mind and spirit.

Meridians we know now are like rivers of Qi that flow through our bodies, articulate through our bodies, but are not, indeed, a part of our physical body.

Also, we know now that our 3 Dantians align with our chakras and are fields of energy for our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Vibration, we have discovered, is actually what we are made up of if you break down matter to it's most minute form(less) stuff. Therefore, we also know that it is a wonderful source of healing power!

Finally, Traction, we know now, is a way to create space so that joints can realign.

What we don't know yet is how to put those concepts together to heal ourselves, and others, until now. Because that is what this lesson is about. Welcome to Energy Medicine Integration and Application.

Energy Medicine Integration and Application

Integration of what we've learned requires understanding of when and how each modality is used.

 Looking at the map above, lets begin with Five Elements. It's always a good place to begin, because through the Five Element system, we can discover the source of the issue, rather than treating only the symptom.

From the Map we can see that Five Elements is Energy Medicine, so with that we know we are treating the formless body first. We see that they are part of Daoist Medicine and foundational for Qigong. We also see that through using them we promote both emotional and physical wellbeing, so this is an excellent place to begin.

  1. Using Five Element theory, go through and find the relationships that apply with the issue at hand.
  2. As you come up with a possible scenario, check it to see if you have any imbalances, such as stagnation or depletion in the meridian systems of that element. 
  3. Check the relationships to that system and then check those meridians for imbalances.
  4. Treat what you find using the appropriate modalities while communication with the person with the issue.
  5. Test to tee if progress has been made on reducing symptoms.
  6. Reassess and go through the process again.
  7. Continue this until no more progress can be made or the issue is understood.

The best way to learn is by doing. So, practice, practice, on yourself and those to you whom with you have a trusting relationship. Keep communicating. Use all you tools.

What are your tools?

  • Qigong to cultivate, clear or circulate energy.
  • Vibration to help a stagnant area to move.
  • Fascia unbundling to remove blockage
  • Chakra dowsing and balancing to give maximum energy to an area
  • Dantian circulation and strengthening to increase storage of vital energies 
  • Traction to give space for movement by elimination compression
  • Analysis of 5 element relationships to understand the source of pain.
  • Provide a healing environment

Until you become proficient, make notes of your work and what you discover. Even if you never again look at the notes, making them will reinforce your understanding.

What is the message of the pain?

Listen for the message. If you can understand the message of the pain, you can provide the tools to help whomever has the pain, even if it's you! Pain is the universe talking to you, demanding to be heard. Listen to its story, dig up the clues. Only then can you discover the true source of the pain. If you can do this, you will be an invaluable being in this realm!


Now it's time to take action. Learn by doing. Whether it be for yourself or someone else. You must practice to become proficient.

Let's Go!!

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