Quantum Qigong Course

Are you Living your dream?

Do you Love who you are?
More importantly, are you in Love with who you are?

Why We Settle

Through conditioning, most of us have learned to settle for a life filled with what we think we are supposed to do and be.

And now, even that view of life is unraveling and uncertainty prevails.

The Quantum Qigong Course is a step by step process that removes what is blocking you from living your dream. Experience Life as your complete true and authentic self!

Through a combination of Qigong, and Quantum Physics, you’ll create your inspired, authentic life that serves you and those lives you touch. You will be able to achieve what you never thought possible.

It is time! if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for those you love.

Become your best YOU!

What is Quantum Qigong?

This course combines Qigong exercises with visualizations and breathing techniques. The results present a relatable and effective self-healing system for the practitioner.

Would you like your energy to be vibrant, yet calm and centered?

Users Say: "I feel so light, calm and relaxed after only one session!"

Have you ever found yourself distracted or out of balance?

Users Say: "I'm able to do everything on my list with a smile on my face after my Qigong practice"

Discover for yourself this amazing ancient self care system. Al Perry, the systems author, explains with clarity the secrets of Qigong. He explains, and presents it so even those in pain or compromised health could benefit.

Why Enroll in the

Quantum Qigong Course Masterclass?

Watch the short video below to get some insight from your Sifu, Al Perry...


"I've been seeing Al for 6+ years for personal work. He’s totally changed my life and inspires me to be a better person.

I would recommend him 150%"

Tanja Lynn

"I have been seeing Al Perry for 9 years and he has been one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime - truly. Al's expertise as it relates to physiological and emotional energy - and how it manifests in the body is amazing. He has 'healed' me ... on many levels ... many times.

Al is beyond  an energy healer - although that is a perfect place to start with him. For me, he has become so much more. I've referred to him as my 'spiritual guide', to then have him clarify and humbly suggest that he is simply 'the window to my higher self'.

I saw him every week in the third trimester of my pregnancy and, that too, was an immeasurably rewarding experience for me, and my guess...my baby.

Words are not enough..."

Lori Lennox

Module 1 - Neuroplasty
Module 2 - Breath and Motion
Module 3 - The Observer and The Mind
Module 4 - Visualization and Imagination
... and 11 more!

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Become your best YOU!

Self Care is the Best Health Care

Take charge of your personal health care with Qigong.

Qigong is one of the 5 branches of Chinese Medicine, and practiced safely for thousands of years.

While it shouldn't replace your traditional health care, it can complement and keep you healthy and vibrant in between your regular check-ups!

Cultivate a Healthy Mindset

Quantum Qigong cultivates your imagination.

This method actually creates new dendrites in your brain's neurons. This helps your thought process serve you.

 It replaces the destructive thinking that can bog you down. And helps you focus on the present, rather than remaining stuck in the past or scattered in the future. 

Breathing and Movement Become Fluid

Your posture is more upright and relaxed. 

You walk through life's challenges with continence and ease.

Qigong gets you more "in touch" with your body's movement, your breath, and your mind's self talk. 


Let's Improve Your Life

Experience Life as your complete true and authentic self!