About Al Perry

For over three decades, Al Perry has been a conduit for the transformative power of Qi, guiding individuals to the profound realization of their own capacity for healing. His work is a sacred journey into the energetic anatomy, where he illuminates the path for souls to encounter and embrace their authentic selves.

Al's teachings delve deep into the energetic body, revealing its intricate connection to our emotional, physical, and mental spheres. He understands that true healing transcends the mere physical; it is a holistic alchemy that harmonizes all facets of being. In his practice, Qigong is not just a technique; it is a spiritual discipline, a key to unlock the inner wisdom that each person holds within.

His approach is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, where clients are empowered to tap into their innate healing energies. Al Perry stands as a guide, a mentor, who gently leads individuals to awaken to their full potential, nurturing a profound transformation that resonates through every layer of their existence. His work is a testament to the belief that every individual is their own greatest healer, and that the journey towards wellness is also a journey towards wholeness and self-realization.

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"Healing is more than treating symptoms...
It's about understanding the source of the imbalance and restoring flow."

In the sacred space of Qiworks,

We embark on a journey with our clients, a journey towards self-empowerment and holistic wellbeing. Here, we are not mere facilitators; we are fellow travelers on a path to discovering the profound potential within.

Our approach is a symphony of Quantum Qigong, an ancient art infused with the mysteries of the quantum realm, alongside the deep, intuitive practice of bodywork, and the enlightened guidance of fitness counseling. This triad is not just a methodology; it is a transformative experience, a key to unlock the innermost chambers of health and vitality.

We believe in handing the reins of personal healthcare back to the individual, empowering each soul to become the master of their physical and spiritual wellness. At Qiworks, the journey is about awakening the dormant energies within, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit, and nurturing a state of optimum health that is not just achieved but sustained.

This is more than healthcare; it is a celebration of life, a dance with the universe, an invitation to each individual to step into their power, their wholeness. Qiworks is a haven for those seeking not just health, but a profound connection with the cosmos and their inner selves.

How I Discovered Qigong

In the fluid, cosmic dance of life, over three decades past, I found myself immersed in the art of Bodywork. This journey, however, took an unexpected turn with a trinity of bicycle accidents, each a mirror reflecting the fragility of our human experience. The final tumble led me to the sterile, white walls of a hospital, where X-rays whispered of displaced cartilage but silent on broken bones. The path of surgery was laid before me, an offering I gently declined.

Retreating to the sanctuary of my abode, the universe conspired to guide me. A week prior, a friend, a messenger of the cosmos, had bestowed upon me a booklet on Qigong. Dismissed initially, it was a seed waiting to sprout. In my hour of need, I unearthed this treasure. With a knee aching in protest, I embarked on the Qigong journey, initially for mere minutes that blossomed into powerful, healing sessions. 

Six weeks into this odyssey, a revelation: my knee pain, a distant memory. Qigong became my sanctuary, a mystical healer for every physical plight I encountered.

My Journey

My curiosity, now an unquenchable flame, led me to devour knowledge about this ancient art, eventually finding a guide in Sifu Dr. Arnold Tayam.

I committed to a three-year pilgrimage under his tutelage, integrating these sacred principles into my private Bodywork practice and my own being. I began sharing this wisdom in a local Yoga studio, my life a harmonious symphony of gratitude and balance.

Then came the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, a cosmic shift that closed the doors of my practice but opened a digital portal. I embraced this new realm, teaching Qigong online, creating a course to fortify the immune system, to ease the anxieties about the morrow.

My journey intertwined with the enigmatic world of Quantum Physics, leading to the birth of Quantum Qigong. My practice, known as Qiworks, embodies this fusion. Qigong, or Qiworks, is not merely 'Energy Work'; it is the cultivation of life's essence, a dance with the universe's rhythm.