About Al Perry

For more than 30 years, Al Perry has worked with Qi as it relates to the health of his clients and to help them discover their inner healer. He shows folks how to discover their authentic self. His teachings focus on the energetic body. Al incorporates Qigong alongside the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of his clients.

7291 Coronado Drive #6, San Jose, CA

"Healing is more than treating symptoms...
It's about understanding the source of the imbalance and restoring flow."

At Qiworks,

We help our clients take charge of their personal healthcare.

With a combination of Quantum Qigong, bodywork, and fitness counseling, we give our clients the tools to achieve and maintain optimum health.

How I Discovered Qigong

More than 30 years ago, I had recently started my Bodywork practice. I then had a series of three bicycle accidents. I landed on my right knee each time after going over the handlebars.

On the last one I ended up in the hospital, where they took x-rays. The bones were fine but I displaced cartilage. The doctor recommended surgery.

I declined and went home.

About a week prior, a friend had given me a booklet on Qigong. I had tossed it in a pile, not giving it much credence. Well, I dug it out. I did the recommended exercise. I could only practice about 3 minutes, because my knee hurt so much. I did the exercise twice each day and worked up to 40 minutes each session.

That was at the 6 week mark, and my knee pain was gone!

Over the next year I did the exercise every time I had a physical challenge. It would help.

My Journey

Finally, my curiosity grew to the point I had to find out how this worked!  read everything I could find on Qigong, and finally found a teacher.

I went through Sifu Dr. Arnold Tayam's three year program. I then applied the principals in my private Bodywork practice, as well as my own self-care.

I began teaching a weekly class a a local Yoga studio. My life was good and I felt gratitude and balance. 

When COVID-19 hit. I had to close my Bodywork practice and start teaching my Qigong class online. I wanted to create an online course to help folks strengthen their immune systems and worry less about the future.

I have a long standing interest in Quantum Physics. I decided to incorporate its principals with Qigong. Quantum Qigong was born. My private healing practice's business name is Qiworks. The Name Qigong means: Energy or Life Force (Qi) = Cultivation or work (Gong).

So Qigong translates to Energy Work. Thus my business name Qiworks.