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We Need a Global Mindset Shift

Change Your Mindset by Changing How Your Brain Works!

Want to create a positive and constructive mindset while eliminating destructive thinking and habits?

When you do this for yourself, you are impacting the entire global consciousness

Live Life Fulfilled radically transforms and redesigns five major areas of your life:

Lifestyle Habits · Health · Work · Relationships · Abundance

Survive or Thrive?

Over the years, many folks have asked me how to get out of their various predicaments. What's your story?

It may be an awful work environment, or a relationship that just isn’t working, or simply being unable to develop helpful habits like working out or eating right…

Let Live Life Fulfilled guide you through your challenges to the life you deserve to live.

Not just survive... Thrive!

What is Live Life Fulfilled?

The Live Life Fulfilled process is much more than education and theories. By tapping into the ancient healing practice of Qigong, we hack the brain's learning process to grow new neuron clusters called dendrites.

Through the movements of this modality combined with imagery, breath-work, and daily affirmations, you'll create a positive and constructive mindset while eliminating self-destructive thinking and habits.


Pillar  1

The Brain Maximizer System

Enhances the growth of your brain's neural network through neuroplasticity. This system creates new dendrite clusters in your brain's neurons to create a positive mindset.

Pillar  2

The Breath Alignment Strategy

Gives attention, consciousness and purpose to your breath. Then use your breath to enhance your movement and keep you present where you can be most effective!

Pillar  3

Manifest with Imagery Activator

Possess a powerful manifestation tool. Through visualization with breath and movement, imbue this creative ability into your subconscious mind.

Happy cheering couple enjoying sunset at beach with arms raised up in joyful elated happiness. Happiness concept with young joyous couple, Caucasian man and Asian woman.
Pillar  4

The Conscious Movement Method

Brings grace and purpose to movement that is initiated by your breath. This lets you eliminate stress and enhance your wellbeing.

Pillar  5

The Self-Sabotage Elimination Process

Strengthens your ability to live in your Observer, rather than your ego. This enables you to be unaffected by triggers which can sabotage your pathway to personal freedom.

Pillar 6

The Big Picture Technique

Enables access your super-conscious mind, which sees the big picture. It uses your brain at full capacity, whereas the conscious mind uses less than 20%, and the subconscious records the events in your life.


"I've been seeing Al for 6+ years for personal work. He’s totally changed my life and inspires me to be a better person.

I would recommend him 150%"

Tanja Lynn

"I have been seeing Al Perry for 9 years and he has been one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime - truly. Al's expertise as it relates to physiological and emotional energy - and how it manifests in the body is amazing. He has 'healed' me ... on many levels ... many times.

Al is beyond  an energy healer - although that is a perfect place to start with him. For me, he has become so much more. I've referred to him as my 'spiritual guide', to then have him clarify and humbly suggest that he is simply 'the window to my higher self'.

I saw him every week in the third trimester of my pregnancy and, that too, was an immeasurably rewarding experience for me, and my guess...my baby.

Words are not enough..."

Lori Lennox

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