A Right of Passage

Are You Prepared for the Shift?               

A Right of Passage

Curative Transformation 

In this work, you will learn to:

  • change the response of your body to various types of traumas, resulting in less physical pain.
  • use constructive emotional energy to overcome destructive emotional responses, which leads to less stress and trauma in your life.
  • understand who you are and what your true life calling is, so you experience fulfillment.
  • take action to become your best and true authentic self, which results in personal success.
  • Live joyfully instead of fearfully, because then you will have peace of mind.

How Does This Work?

Discover your dominant elements

Five Element Theory is at the heart of Taoist Medicine. I use this method to discover your challenges and your strengths.

Knowing and understanding this information empowers you to be the best version of yourself.

Learn the tools to work with your elements to personalize the process

After determining your dominant elements we then create a specialized toolbox designed specifically for you and your unique way of experiencing life, which will give you options with which to face your challenges.

Undergo a challenge designed specifically for you 

Once your dominant elements are understood and your toolbox is complete, you are assigned a particular challenge that utilizes your toolbox. 

The experience will allow you to become adept at transforming challenges into assets, resulting in becoming the best version of yourself.

Why do this program?

Perhaps you've noticed the shift in the realm we live in. 

Folks are on edge more often, media is focusing in the negative, which results in the general population also experiencing negativity bias.

Looking within, you may be wondering if you are on the right path. You believe there's more.

There is more! You have the ability to live life out loud, to your fullest capacity.

However, you have to get to know the strengths of your true innate self, and how to use the tools to maximize your potential. With these new tools you can understand that the challenges you face are simply signposts to guide you to the life you were born to live.

Let me help you to discover yourself, the true authentic wonderful you.

Program for individuals, couples or families.

Focus & action

Here is an opportunity to:

  • maximize yourself as an individual, attaining your full potential
  • become the dynamic, vital couple you always thought possible
  • create a family dynamic that is coactive and collaborative

              Time for ACTION!

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