Self Care

Self Care

By Albert PerryNov 14, 2020

These are days of uncertainty in regards to what we think about healthcare and Self-Care. We may have uncertainty about our personal health, the health of our family, neighbors and community. What can we do? Is there some action we can take besides social distancing and mask-wearing? Are we just supposed to wait for a vaccine that may or may not work, or ultimately is it healthy for our bodies?

Yes, there is something you can take action on. Your personal self -care. You can improve your immune system. Your immune system works 24/7 for you. Optimize it! Are you putting quality nutrients in your body? It’s your only vehicle in this life. If you put crap into it your immune system won’t work for you , it’ll work against you, because you’re telling it to by the actions you take.

Try some meditation, Yoga or Qigong. WALK! Take breaks from your screen. Connect with people you care about, What ae you reading? Limit news reading.  Read something that will help you feel good about yourself!

Self-Care is THE MOST IMPORTANT task you can do right now!! 

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Thanks for caring!
To your health!
Al Perry 

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