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DNA For your health today and tomorrow.

By Albert PerryApr 29, 2019

If You Could Look Into

And imagine that you would know what it meant!

  • Know exactly what exercise would help you lose weight with ease, as well as…
  • You would know exactly what foods will help you to be a fat burner, not only that but…
  • Understand what foods genetically could cause you harm, and then…
  • Know what nutrients you have trouble absorbing, and finally…
  • What if you could know what exercises work best for your particular muscles?

Now you can connect
your dots with your DNA to realize…

Take your free lifestyle assessment, and get your health score here

You’ll get recommendations for the nutrients needed for your lifestyle, age, gender and ethnic background.

Everyone is Unique

Everyone is unique, there is no such thing as a generic human being!

Why would it be ok to put generic, one size fits all, nutrients into your unique body?

I chose ID Life because I wanted to be the healthiest human being that I could imagine. After 5 years on the program, I feel younger and healthier than I have been in 20 years, and I’m almost 70!

Imagine what that could do for you?

If you then really want to fine tune, get their DNA pack and get you 45 page report that tells you the points I made above.

It’s really up to you. If you feel great, then keep on thriving! If you think you could be better, do the free assesment like I did and get started on the path to your healthiest self.

Here’s to your Health!


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