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Gratitude for Healing

By Albert E PerryDec 08, 2021

Gratitude for healing is overlooked in a world that has become derisive, entitled, arrogant and untrusting.

Trusting the Process

When grateful, we tell the Universe, or however you perceive your Higher Power, that you trust the process. When we observe nature, the birds, trees and other creatures thrive without stressing if there is going to be enough. There’s always enough, If there isn’t they move on. Simplicity is beautiful.

If we don’t trust the process, we block our path forward. We will then experience a loop of distrust and lack, betrayal and trickery. It’s a gift, from the Universe, to teach us to be a part of the process. Every challenge is a gift. Think of it as a sign-post to let us know that we strayed off of our path. Through gratitude, we reset and instantly are back on track, living the life that we are here for. What are we here for? To learn to love ourselves, our lives and everyone who crosses our path unconditionally. What about the bad stuff like murders, disease and calamity? They’re all signposts. It’s up to us to create the world we perceive. We do that with Love and gratitude.

Gratitude as Medicine

What about healing? How does that work? When sick, broken or challenged in any way, if we’re grateful, we are then acknowledging that the situation, whatever it may be, is a gift to help us learn to Love unconditionally. If we can manage to be grateful in our challenge, then we no longer need the challenge to teach us, so it dissipates. As long as the challenge continues, we have more to learn, as well as more to be grateful for.

Another way to look at it is that gratitude is medicine. A pain come into our life, be it physical, emotional or spiritual and the first aid for that pain is gratitude. Pain is not a bad thing, it is simply a messenger from our body, mind or soul telling us we are off in some way. If we can be grateful for the pain giving us the message, then we open our mind to be able to hear the message. If you still feel the pain, and you don’t know the message, ask the pain: “What is your message for me?” That may sound crazy, but I assure you that there are no side effects, and no bill will come in the mail to pay later.

Gratitude as an Action

Often we put things on a shelf or in a pile to do later. No action seems easier than dealing with something that is going to be painful. Gratitude is an action that doesn’t require a lot of time, only a change of mindset. “There is something I can do for this pain right now that doesn’t take a lot of time, cost me any money, or cause any side effects.”  What could be better?

When taking the action of Gratitude, we open the door for the Universe to do Her work. Now that work may not look exactly how we made the movie of our future. However, if we trust the process, we will get exactly what we need to be our best self. We pretty much trust that the sun will rise in the morning and set at night. We trust that the days will shorten in the Winter and lengthen in the Summer. Can we trust that we are a part of that same cycle? We are not separate from Nature, we are a part of it! By being Grateful in all circumstances, we are trusting our Higher Power to help us thrive as all of Nature thrives!

What If Being Grateful Doesn’t Work? 

My take on this question is that if it doesn’t work, be grateful it didn’t work, because that means the message of the pain didn’t get through and we have another chance to hear it. Continue to go through the process of Gratitude, then ask the pain what its message to you is and then be very observant as you move forward. The answer will be there, and it will be clear, but you have to be open to anything that it may be. You may not want to hear the message. You may be stubbornly going through your life in a certain way that is contrary to your designed path. We all have our niche. We all have our purpose. Pain is one way the Universe gets our attention. Otherwise, we may be walking down a path that leads to a cliff that we’ll fall from if we don’t heed the messages given to us, and we will unlikely find our way. If we listen, we will find our way and thrive on our authentic path,

Going Deeper Into Gratitude

If you resonate with this message, and you’d like to go deeper, I have a gift for you. My self-healing practice is Qigong. I have a Qigong exercise that I do daily for gratitude, and I’d love to share it with you. I’ve made a 5-minute video. That’s it, just 5 minutes. Can you take 5 minutes out of your day, each morning, to enhance your life? It’s simple, and it doesn’t cost anything but your 5 minutes of time. I assure you that if you do this, and put your heart and soul into it as you do you will see and feel a difference. 5 minutes a day, and then be Grateful for all circumstances, and also use Gratitude for Healing, this will become easier and even second nature. With that your life will start changing and you will be happier and healthier. Here’s the link: Gratitude Exercise

I have quite a few free 5 minute Qigong videos on My ChannelI also have a Masterclass for this method, if you’re looking for even more. You’ll find the information on that HERE

Regardless of what action you take, I hope one of them is to be Grateful. I am certainly grateful that you found your way here, to read this humble piece. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. However, the one I do have is profound, it’s not my own, it has been given to us through countless spiritual teachings in every tradition: Be grateful in all circumstances, and this will heal multitudes of pain.

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  1. Hi! Here you have done a very good job with the post. After I had finished reading, I wanted to read more of what you have written. thank you for sharing your words and experiences, you made it a little easier for me to understand. hope you keep writing and I will come back again. cheers

  2. Always show gratitude in everything you do. I always show gratitude because I could have been in a worse off condition than this, but I’m not. I also show gratitude to the people who are constantly helping me out. This article is very well written. I will be sure to share it around 

    1. Thanks, Daniel, for reading and commenting…

      i’m grateful you came across this article!

      Be well and thrive!


  3. Yeah, I think that gratitude can be an extremely potent healer. It can help us change perspective. It can help us learn what good came out of it, and it can help us find peace in whatever else is happening.

    Also, I resonate with the idea of pain being a message we have to hear out. And if it’s still there after we tried gratitude, then we probably didn’t listen carefully enough to what the pain had to say. Yes, being honest in this regard and maybe finding the underlying pain can make all the difference in finding healing. It may not be a message we want to hear but it is a message we need to. 

    Yeah, Qigong sounds like the kind of thing I will do. I appreciate the video. And thank you for introducing me to it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Matiss, for reading and commenting.

      I appreciate you being open to trying Qigong. And you’re right on the money about gratitude and pain as a message. I hope this gives you one more tool to use to live your best life!

      Be well and thrive!


  4. Oh my, this is a very beautiful blog post, I’m touched! I have been unwell a lot of times in my life, with one sickness after the other (or injuries of my back or neck), and when I get better, I tend to forget about that and how grateful I should be for getting (some) of my life back. Looking around at nature, surely makes you appreciate those things more , it is in the little things for me now! thank you for the reminder!

    1. Thanks, Lizzy, for reading and commenting.

      Yes, gratitude is powerful. It is most effective when we are grateful when challenged, not just when things are going well. All those challenges are the greatest teachers, so we can uncover the best version of ourselves, 

      Stay well and thrive!


  5. It is a great blessing to recognize that we need to be grateful and humble. Unlike when I was young, now I seem to be grateful for the little things and feel happy. Qigong related videos also give you peace of mind. Thank you for recognizing even now that my wife is sleeping peacefully next to me when I wake up in the morning is such a great blessing.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Your comment touches my heart, and I appreciate it!

      You’re gratitude blessed your life!

      Stay well and thrive!


  6. Enjoyed reading your, “Gratitude for Healing” article, Albert! Gratitude is certainly a timeless topic and one that should touch every person on this planet. I’m grateful every time I awaken and open my eyes and see that I have more time on this earth to continue to live my life to the fullest. You are right. We should be grateful for everything. There is a reason for everything and its here to serve us. Thanks again! Mel

    1. Thanks, Mel, for reading and commenting.

      I’m grateful we connected! Keep up your awesome attitude!

      And keep Thriving!!


  7. Hi, Al

    Thanks for the great article on one of the most misunderstood and under-practiced actions and that is of being grateful.  When you look at what your situation is and pick out those variables that you are glad to have and be apart of and then actually be grateful for the, I believe your body reacts in a way that conventional, “auto repair” medicine cannot.  Gave me a lot to think about.  Thanks.


    1. Thanks, Warren, for reading and commenting…

      I’m grateful you came by! I hope this was helpful in any small way.

      Stay well and keep Thriving!!


  8. Hi…what a great article about gratitude and its importance! I really enjoyed reading some of the analogies you mentioned, particularly how nature always provides enough. Just go with the flow. I also hadn’t thought about how the Universe gives us pain as a sign to question the path we are walking down. That was really insightful! Strangely enough, I’ve recently been learning about Qigong and maybe that’s what lead me to your site. I’ll have to bookmark this for the future. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, Gratitude is a potential tool. When truly grateful for a challenge, gratitude will always steer you back to balance..

      I hope you’ll come back to learn about Qigong..

      Maybe try me you tube channel?

      Be well and Thrive!!


  9. Your article resonated with me because I have learned that you can be grateful which leads to other positive feelings and removes the negativity. There is enough negativity. I have chosen to be positive and grateful especially this time of year I make it a point to be grateful to all the cashiers I run into since they are so abused. I just talked to a guy today and he had a good take on the whole. He lets it roll off his back. I made sure I was grateful to him for helping me today. 

    A question to ponder:

    1. I would define Qigong and give us a little history maybe? Maybe you have already done this but I wanted to know more and was not sure where to go except Google.

    1. Thanks, Keith, for reading and commenting.

      Yes there is a lot of positive power in being grateful that cancels out negativity.

      As to your Qigong question, I have information all over my site at https://qiworks.net 

      I also have many exercises posted on you tube, You can subscribe to my channel so you don’r miss when I post new videos. The channel link is: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlPe

      Stay well and Thrive!

  10. This article is very good and I really like this article and this article also helps people and put the youth of the world in the right direction and you also guiding people on how being grateful can solve their problem and help them in good and worse conditions. I will look forward to this and share this article with my friends and family members.

  11. Gratitude is truly one of the great activities that promote 

    health and happiness.  It helps us balance our lives as addressed

    on the website.  Exercises to eradicate Bundling are shown.  The breathing 

    exercises of Qigong are similar to other forms of mediation. Breathing exercises 

    found in Karate and Yoga offer and support the theories.  A lifetime filled with gratitude,

    positive exercises and five-ways-to-strengthen-or-balance-your-immune-system al lead to healing.

    Understanding who that higher power is (God the eternal and learn about and keep his commandments),

    lead to health and happiness.  Health and Happiness are divinely connected.  

    “When we practice Water and Metal Element Qigong, we are able to realize balance, health, joy, inner peace, and longevity in our physical body” is great and is found in the conclusion of water-and-metal-element-qigong.

    Keep educating those that will become educated.

  12. Hi Albert, Gratitude is good for our mental and physical health. Gratitude is a tool for increasing well-being. Gratitude is important because it shifts our way of thinking. Gratitude helps us become mentally strong, confident, and have a higher self-esteem.

    In my opinion, gratitude is one of the most healing tools we have and It is very important for us to practice gratitude especially when faced with challenges in life.

    Thank you so much for sharing the 5 minute Qigongs video. I’ve just subscribed to your YouTube channel to learn more about this topic. Much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Bushra!

      I also appreciate you subscribing to my YouTube channel!

      Feel free to ask me any questions, either here or on the video itself.

      Gratitude is indeed very healing…

      I am grateful for you!!

      Stay well and thrive!


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