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Examine your personal self-care to improve your immune system.

By Albert PerryNov 14, 2020

These are days of uncertainty in regards to what we think about healthcare and Self-Care. We may have uncertainty about our personal health, the health of our family, neighbors and community. Examine your personal self-care to find ways that you can improve your immune system. without drugs. There are ways to improve your immune system through self-care. Exercise, nutrition and a healthy mindset will keep you thriving!

Take Action

What can we do? Is there some action we can take besides social distancing and mask-wearing or getting a vaccine? Are we just supposed to wait until it’s all over? Ultimately are the medical interventions healthy for our bodies?

Yes, there is something you can take action on. Your personal self -care. You can improve your immune system. Your immune system works 24/7 for you so you should optimize it! Are you putting quality nutrients in your body, because It’s your only vehicle in this life? If you put crap into it your immune system won’t work for you, it’ll work against you, because you’re telling it to by the actions you take. At minimum take vitamin C and zinc. Consider a personalized nutrition plan. Check out my personal favorite, you can do a free personal health assessment and get a health score. Then you get a personalized nutrition program, because you’re worth it!


Try some meditation, Yoga or Qigong.
Qigong is of course my personal modality. It covers meditation, because it fulfills the intention of meditation:

1- It brings your mind into the present, so you can pull your energy out of the past or future.

2- It uses elongated breathing so you can calm your nervous system.

3- It gives your mind focus. The Imagery in the Qigong exercises focuses the mind, in the present, on an image that is nurturing and calming. This in turn helps reprogram the brain’s neurons, by creating more dendrite connections. (Dendrites are the tentacle-like extensions of the neuron brain cell that “fire” to connect with other dendrites to create a neural network. The more dendrites in a network, the more “knowing” your brain has about that networks activities. Qigong’s slow movements, enhanced with breath and imagery, creates a network so that it serves the well-being of you as the practitioner.

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WALK! Any movement can help. Sitting creates stagnation and that stagnation is often the source of pain messages. Moving the body not only helps muscles, but increases blood flow, exercises the heart to help keep it healthy, and allows the fascia or connective tissue flexibility. If the body doesn’t move, the fluid between the layers of fascia called hyaluronan can get sticky. This fluid helps the fascia stretch as you move because sitting too long can cause this tissue to tighten around the muscles, which it surrounds, and then cause joint stiffness. This connective tissue surrounds every muscle fiber. It’s also around every bone and all the organs and blood vessels. The point is that we need to move to keep it pliable and healthy, while helping us be pain free.

Take breaks from your screen. Set a timer every hour and walk 5 minutes. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself to move! Movement must be a priority!


Connect with people you care about, Socialization is healthy for your state of mind because isolation will send you spiraling down into an energetic hole that’s difficult from which to emerge.

What are you reading? Limit your news reading time. The news is mostly negative because that’s what stirs our emotions to make us read more! Don’t let media dictate how you feel! Read something that will help you feel good about yourself! Do daily affirmations! I use affirmations together with Qigong exercises because it helps program the dendrite neural network. This works to create a positive mindset. A positive mindset with result in you being happier and healthier because a happy person is much more likely to have a healthy immune system.

Remember to Continuously examine your personal self-care to find ways that you can improve your immune system without drugs. Self-Care is THE MOST IMPORTANT task you can do right now!!

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Thanks for caring!
To your health!
Al Perry

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