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Omnivos Tuning Fork Review and Use for Vibrational Healing

By Albert E PerryDec 04, 2021

The tuning fork I chose to purchase is a 68.05 Hz made by Omnivos. I chose this particular tuning for the low resonance. It does not come with a percussion mallet so I purchased a Taylor Tomahawk Percussion Reflex Hammer. I’ve found it’s important to have a rubber mallet to strike the tuning fork with to get the best resonance.

How Low Resonance Vibration Works On The Body

I use the tuning fork for two entirely different purposes. The first one I’ll discuss is the effect of vibration on connective tissue, or fascia. This connective tissue surrounds every muscle fiber in the body. It also encases the tendon and is the tissue which actually attaches to the bone. Fascia also surrounds the organs of the body, but here I am only concerned with myofascial tissue, or the fascia around and connected to the muscles and tendons.

Connective tissue has no blood flow, but it does have nerves. These nerves are called fibroblasts. They control the density of the tissue. When these nerves sense a trauma, or even a continued pattern of activity, they respond by thickening the tissue, usually at the attachment of the muscle or tendon to the joint or bone. This may protect the attachment at the time of the trauma, but cause issues later with range of motion or pain. Overstretching will actually make the thickening worse.

In my clinic, when someone complains about a pain that is persistent and also limits range of motion, I will check for fascia thickening at the attachment. It will feel dense like a small lump and the muscle will be tight as if it is in spasm. The fibroblasts will sense the low resonance vibration and allow the tissue to “un-bundle.” Then I just place my fingers firmly at the attachment and while keeping a steady tension slowly rubbing, lengthening the fascia and freeing the muscle.

How to Use the Tuning Fork

The resonance of the tuning fork only stays strong enough to affect the fascia for about 5 seconds. Therefore, the fork must be struck with the mallet repeatedly. I strike it 9 times, to allow 45 seconds of strong resonance. The Omnivos Tuning Fork is weighted at the ends of the fork. Hold the fork tightly in your non-dominate hand near the bottom of the fork, about an inch away from the fascia attachment you are working on. After striking the weighted tip, move it as close to the area as possible without touching the skin, as that will stop the vibration. After five seconds, repeat the process nine times.

Resonant vibration of 68 Hz is so low it is difficult to hear. Strike the weighted tip and hold it next to your ear, and then you can hear the strength and richness of this vibration. The feel on the skin is subtle but noticeable. Vibration’s effect on the fascia is actually quite amazing! I have tried recording the sound and looping it so I wouldn’t have to keep striking the fork continuously. However, it pales in comparison to the actual fork resonating.

Other Uses of the

Omnivos Tuning Fork

The second use for the tuning fork is one that is pretty far out of the box. While using the resonant vibration for fascia may be a little different, it does work on an actual body part with visible results that can be easily explained scientifically. This second use moves towards the metaphysical, and most medical professionals would scoff at the prospect. I understand that many, even most, people will not see value in this modality, I will discuss it anyway, as it has been a part of my practice for over 25 years. Chakra opening and balancing is the other use of the tuning fork.

Feel free to just use the first part of the review for fascia release. However, if you’re curious, here we go. There are seven major Chakras that articulate with our bodies. The word Chakra translates to wheel from Sanskrit to English. The Chakra is a spinning vortex of energy that spins in and out of these 7 portals to and from our bodies. Are you rolling your eyes yet? It’s OK, I never believed it until I saw them work with my own eyes, and felt them. I will leave the purpose of each individual chakra for another post. For this article, I will focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra, located at the bottom of the rib cage in the center of your torso about 3 inches above your navel. This Chakra is all about personal power, or lack of it, nutrient absorption, and one’s sense of self or self-esteem.

To measure a chakra and assess if it is in balance or not, use any conductive metal chain. Aluminum will not work. Copper, Silver, Steel and Gold will work. Simply hold one end of the chain 2 inches above the chakra, with the subject laying down on their back, face up. If you hold the chain steady, the bottom of the chain should start rotating, following the spin of the chakra. If the chain goes back and forth, like a pendulum, or if it doesn’t move at all, then the chakra is likely blocked.

Use the same technique as above in the section “How to use the Tuning Fork.” After 45 seconds of resonance, measure again with the chain. It should now spin. It does take some time to get the feel for this, so don’t get discouraged, just notice what you feel, and don’t try to force anything. Be relaxed as you hold the chain. The person you are working on will sense your tension, and the results won’t be as effective.

Wrapping It Up

The Omnivos Tuning Fork is an effective tool in my healing practice. I use it every day. It’s extremely valuable to me and to the clients I work on. This is not some fluffy new age thing. I help people with their pain every day.


You should try this. It’s a small investment that gives oversized results. The Omnivos Tuning Fork is only $47 at Amazon, and the Taylor Tomahawk Percussion Reflex Hammer. is $6.49. Using it is not only helpful, it is entertaining. You might open up a whole new world of vibrational medicine. We are, after all, just that. Matter is nothing more than concentrated vibrations. More on that in a future blog. Until then…

To Your Health! Be well and Thrive!


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  1. This seems like something that will be perfect for my partner. She’s into Chakra and vibrations so I am sure that she will enjoy reading this. I will be sure to let you know what she thinks. I also want to learn more about these things so I will bookmark this article 

  2. This is interesting, as I have never heard about vibrational healing. For this low price, I think it might be worth a try to support all of my health issues. Thank you for explaining some more about how this Omnivos tuning fork works! I am going to dive some deeper into this method of healing.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Lizzy!

      I hope you find this tool helpful! Please keep in touch with any questions..

      Stay well and thrive!!


  3. Hey great article! I never knew about tuning forks existing until recently I took someone to the doctors due to their ear problems and they pulled out a similar product.

    They hit it on the table and then placed it against their forehead in the middle, I was confused but after reading this I have a much better understanding as to how it works. I definitely want to purchase one especially since it has some sort of benefits.

    1. Thank You, Sariyah, for reading and commenting,

      Yeas, the tuning fork if a valuable tool. I use mine many times each day! I hope you get one and feel free to reach out to me for any questions you might have on how to use it effectively.

      Be well and Thrive!


  4. As a person that loves my health so much, I really found this article very enlightening and also very nice to go through. I have heard slightly and this running fork but never in this much detail, this was really nice and I liked every bit of this review. Thank you so much for this

  5. This has been a very interesting and informative read. I have a niece who is always referring to the Chakras and how important it is that they are aligned. I have not heard about vibrational healing or a tuning fork that can be used, so will certainly research it more. 

    Alternative medicine and healing is always a route I would explore, before opting for the traditional Western approach. I will bookmark your post and share it with my niece. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Line, for reading and commenting. 

      I like to refer to the medicine I use as complementary, rather than alternative. When looking at medicine holistically, you look at all options available, not just one. Then you can the full spectrum of health-care. Unfortunately, insurance companied and drug companies have a lot of power over what doctors can present as options. 

      Western medicine does a great job with the life-threatening issues, but not so good at every day pains and imbalances. That’s mainly because the model requires double blind studies to “prove” a method works. Those studies are expensive. Drug companies are a major funding source for these studies, to show their products work. 

      Vibrational medicine and Qigong, two my most used modalities in clinic, don’t have marketing value for the drug companies, or anyone else, so they don’t get funding to prove their value. That’s ok. For me it’s all about results for the folks I work on. I will continue to bring information to my blogs about complementary medicine. 

      Thanks again for reading the article. I’m happy it resonated with you.

      Stay well and thrive!


  6. What a fantastic article; I love it!

    I am a firm believer in positive energy flow.

    You provide clear steps on using Omnivos Tuning Fork, but I have a question.

    Do you think anyone can use it and get the desired results?

    Or is there a specific group of people with some particular talent to make great use of it?

    I’d appreciate it if you could elaborate on it and provide your insight.

    I am interested in exploring Tuning Fork more and will be looking for your replies.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      No special talent is needed. Just follow my directions in the blog to get results. I’ happy to do a free 15 min consult if you have any issues. Thanks, and to your health!


  7. Hi there Albert. Omnivous tuning fork is something I heard about today and I got really curious to know how it works and how it helps. And you review of it here is quite detailed and helpful. Now I know how it works on the body and have seen it is worthwhile for me. I’m going to get one soon too. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Dave, for reading this article and commenting.

      The tuning fork is a valuable tool for me in my healing practice.

      I hope you find it helpful for you!

      Stay well and Thrive!


  8. I have never heard of vibrational healing before and coming across really felt like a blessing and I would definitely research more into it, because it really seems good. I am definitely getting this Omnivos tuning fork for myself and I would also recommend this for my friends and family

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      If you do indeed get the fork, feel free to ask me anything about how to use it.

      Let me know what you think.

      To your health!!


  9. This is quite interesting, especially as I just recently came across the science of low resonance vibration, learning about fibroblasts, etc. What I have learned so far is quite fascinating. Makes me wonder why this isn’t used much more in normal medical practice? Maybe just an adaptation curve. Also, I’m intrigued by your comment regarding chakras…how you saw them work and felt them. Definitely looking forward to that post 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ronnie, for reading and commenting.

      Thanks also for your interest in chakras! I always assume most people couldn’t care less, since it’s pretty far out of the mainstream.

      I think the reason low resonance vibration haven’t been used for their theraputic value, is there’s no money in it. Sadly drug company money is the driving force for research.

      Stay well and Thrive!


  10. I love your review of Omnivos Tuning Fork – thanks so much for creating it.

    I have few questions, though:

    1. What makes this tuning fork different from other ones on the market?

    2. What are some benefits you might experience after using this tuning fork? 

    3. I read that it balances the endocrine system, does it help with blood sugar levels too?

    4. Will I feel any sensation right away after using the Omnivos Tuning Fork for a few minutes? 

    5. Is this variation in frequency similar to something like ear candling or ozone therapy for asthma sufferers?

    1. Thanks, Bob, for reading and commenting.

      I’ll answer your questions the best I can in reverse order.

      I’d like to say any treatment I recommend is as far away from ear candling as possible, which is fake.

      I don’t know anything about ozone treatment.

      You would feel the vibration, as a sensation, if you’re using it for fascia bundling, if that is what’s causing pain in  your muscles and joints, you will feel some relief from pain immediately.

      To change blood sugar levels, you need to address you diet. Anything outside off that you’re chasing symptoms and not dealing with the source of the problem.

      The greatest benefit is pain relief from fascia bundling. As far as using it for chakra balancing, it’s not something that you can use on yourself, as the subject must must be completely relaxed.

      Omnivous, the company that makes the timing fork, is known for their accuracy. Any tuning fork at the correct frequency will work.

      Thanks again, stay well and thrive!


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