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Qigong For A Positive Mindset

By Albert PerryOct 27, 2021

Welcome to Qigong for Mindset

I’m Al Perry, the creator of this process. I use Qigong, an ancient Chinese modality, to help retrain the brain to achieve a Positive Mindset. Qigong uses Movement, Breath, Affirmations and Imagery to reprogram the neurons in the brain. I’ve adapted many Qigong exercises to address various issues that come up in life. I hope you’ll enjoy and benefit form this journey. To Your Health!

I’ve been helping folks like you with their pain for over 30 years. But before I began my career, I confess that I was a mess. I had many different jobs, and I wasn’t a healthy person. I was young, so that covered up a lot of my health issues, because I could rebound.

At 36 years old, I found myself homeless and alone. I’d sweep floors or wash dishes for food for the day, and lived in a borrowed car that I had no gas to go anywhere. I was at bottom. I decided to walk out to the farmlands to find steady work. I was very hungry. I walked under a loquat tree filled with fruit. I wept in gratitude for the fruit. Then in my minds eye, I saw my sister reaching out to me. I hadn’t contacted her in a long time, I was too ashamed of where I ended up in life.

I walked back to the car I had been sleeping in. I found enough change to make a call to my sister from a pay phone. There were no cell phones then. She told me she’d been trying to locate me. She wanted to loan me the money to go to massage school, because she thought I’d be good at it.

This was awesome. I now began to understand the power of gratitude. Because I was grateful for the fruit, it unblocked my pride to be able to call my sister, who helped me find my true authentic career. I’ve been helping folks ever since!


Helping others be their best self helps me be my best self. If we all can add value and be grateful for all things, even the challenges, the world will be a better place.

This Site Is For You, So That You Can Be The Best Version Of Yourself!

Qigong for Mindset is a tool that will unlock your potential. It will get rid of those voices that tell you that you’re not good enough. It will change how you react to stress, instead, you’ll respond with an action that is helpful. Try it, the only way to find out how good you can be is to try this. In 6 weeks, you’ll be your best you. To learn how I use Qigong for a positive mindset, you can start with some 5 minute videos that I have on my YouTube channel

Check out the rest of my site for other blogs and information that will be helpful to realize your optimum health!

If you’d like a more in-depth training, where you’ll see significant changes in your life. Take my 6 week course called: Live Life Fulfilled

If you’d just like to read more about Qigong, there are many wonderful books. I’ll recommend two:  
In his book, The Way Of Qigong, Chinese Medicine scholar Kenneth Cohen explains how to use qigong, harnessing its healing power so that your mind and body achieve harmony.

Author and healer Deanna Hansen shows you how to unblock your body for optimum health.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Al Perry

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