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Qigong Masterclass: an experience of Energy (Qi)

By Albert PerryNov 11, 2020

Tomorrow is 11/11 in the mercurial year of 2020. I am launching my Quantum Qigong Masterclass, and I am so excited!

This course is what I was born to teach. If you want to take charge of your health, body, mind and spirit, this is the course for you!

Through the mysterious ancient practice of Qigong, blended with a smattering of Quantum Physics, this Qigong Masterclass is a lifechanging course!

15 Modules take you through the process from how to change your brain using Neuroplasticity to Manifesting your dreams by practicing Qigong daily.

You can expect your posture to be more upright and relaxed. You can expect to walk through life challenges with continence and ease.

Qigong helps you be more “in touch” with your body’s movement, your breath’s depth, and your mind’s self talk.

I’m the author, Al Perry. I’ve been providing pain management and energy work for my clients for more than 31 years. Now it’s time to teach how to stay out of the clinic and take charge of your health!

You’ll find out more at HERE

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Qigong Masterclass at Sunrise.

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