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Red Light Therapy Device – LifePro Review

By Albert E PerryDec 27, 2021

Red Light Therapy is a new tool for me in my healing practice. I’ve been watching for independent clinical studies to come out to support the use of Red Light Therapy, In the last year there have been many breakthroughs, in part, because the LED technology required to penetrate the tissue deep enough to be effective has advanced and become less costly to produce.

Between the technology improving and corroborative evidence showing symptomatic relief and improvement in muscle pain as well as common skin and scalp issues, more clinicians have adopted Red Light Therapy as a treatment option.

Red Light Therapy? What is it and how does it work?<img src=”link” alt=”red light shines on foot”>

It’s all about energy. What do I mean?

If we could shrink down to the size of a single cell, we would see how our body, and everything else, works from this new perspective. Inside this single cell, we would see the biological power plant of this cell. This little power plant is an organelle (literally meaning “little organ”) called a Mitochondrion. We know this better as Mitochondria, which is plural.

This tiny bit of a cell produces the organic chemical adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The purpose of ATP is to animate the cell, supplying its energy.

I won’t bore you with the whole process. However, the identical amount of our full body weight of ATP is generated every day by the cells in our body. ATP is what makes out muscles work, including our heart. The ATP also supplies power for our nerves to fire. It even helps our brain to function. Basically, if your body isn’t continuously producing ATP, you’re not alive.

What’s this got to do with Red Light? It’s long been known that there is a relationship with sunlight and the production of ATP. It turns out that the near Infrared light (NIR) spectrum of 630 -660nm (nm is Nano-meters) stimulates the mitochondria to produce ATP.

Why is this significant?

If a cell is damaged or aged, the added ATP helps the cell repair itself. Multiply that by the millions of cells in an area that has experienced trauma, and perhaps you can get relief from the pain that trauma produced!

My Personal Experience

After reading the studies, I researched various manufacturers of Red Light Therapy devices. I like to look at reviews, to see<img src=”link” alt=”man in sunglasses holding light”> what other folks experiences were. The next thing I measure is cost. The best mixture of excellent reviews and price point went to the company LifePro. I ordered a wand, called the LumiCure Torchlight. It cost me $120, minus a penny.

I received my device quickly, and then un-boxed it, read the easy instructions and then put it to work. I dropped a huge rock on my right foot 20 years ago, breaking two toes. No treatment was applied,  but they healed, sort of, on their own. In the last year or so they have been giving me problems, with swelling. They are deformed, at best numb and at worst quite painful. I did two minutes of the Red Light Therapy on each toe, putting the device right up to the inflamed knuckle.

I noticed some improvement after that first treatment but thought it might be psychosomatic. An hour later I used it again, and then one more time the next morning. My toe is now 90% better! I don’t feel any pain through the day at all, and I walk a fair amount of steps each day.

Other Red Light Devices

The wand I purchased isn’t the only Red Light Therapy device that Life Pro has available. There are two additional devices.<img src=”link” alt=”red light belt”> The AllevaRed Light Therapy Belt and the VizaCure Led Skin Mask.

The AllevaRed Light Therapy Belt is a series of Red Light LEDs in rows on a belt that can be wrapped around the waist for low back pain, or around an arm or a leg. While I have not used this device, it is the same technology as the device I use so I assume it works as well.

The VizaCure LED Skin Mask is a face shield embedded with light filaments to emit the red light to your face. This is for age spots, sagging skin and pigmentation issues. Again, I have not tried this product. My advice to you, is to click on the link, read the reviews and see if it’s something you’d like to invest in. The device that I have works for me. With that, I can only assume<img src=”link” alt=”red light mask”> that the rest of their products work as well.


Red Light Therapy is a new addition to my treatment toolbox. In a small sampling size, I am very pleased with what I have experienced in both my own personal treatments and my clients.

The science supports the usage, as the independent studies show. I am confident in recommending this product for pain such as arthritis and muscle issues. As always, get checked by your doctor first, to assess the seriousness of your injury and advise to use the Red Light Therapy for treatment.

Please let me know your experiences if you choose to get the device.

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  1. Hi Albert! Interesting reading! This is actually first time I hear about red light therapy. I live in Finland, maybe that’s the reason hahaha…. But you got me interested. I actually have some skin issues myself and maybe I would it give a try. Seems it’s not that expensive. Need to do some more research first. Cheers!

    1. Hi Marcus! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, it’s a new therapy, but effective! I hope you give it a try and let me know!

      Stay well and thrive!!


  2. Thank You for Sharing

    I am excited about the Red Light Therapy Device – Life Pro because I do suffer with muscle pain and it helps with  symptomatic relief and improvement in muscle pain.

    I like what the therapy promises and will look into it further so I can heal my acing muscles as well. 

    I think the price is reasonable for what you are getting and it works. 

    I did check it out on the Amazon website and I am impressed. 

    If I only knew it existed earlier I would have eliminated my pain years ago. 

    I learned a lot from Your Blog, Thank You.


    1. Thanks, Ingrid, for reading and commenting!

      I know what you mean about wishing you knew about this sooner.

      However, only recently did led technology allow for the strength of the light needed to achieve the desired results.

      Be well and Thrive!


  3. Hi Albert,

    Thank you for your informative article.

    It is great to be in a position where you are recommending an item to clients that you are using yourself.

    It does look like red light therapy is indeed a great addition to your toolbox.

    Best wishes,

    Delroy M

  4. My Mom started Red light therapy, and it seems to help her joints heal fast.

    I really like how you started out this post with how it helps you out too, This is filled with lots of helpful info.

    Thanks for writing this.

  5. This is great to read about your experience with red light therapy. My dad many years ago pulled all the ligaments in his knee while playing tennis. He eventually ended up with surgery to attach some of the ligaments again, but was advised to use infrared light to aid the healing. So once he was out of plaster, he used this infrared lamp that he bought, and would spend time every day directing the warm red light at his knee. He always swore by it.
    Great to see that there are several infrared devices available to help heal injuries.

    1. Thanks, Line, for reading and commenting.
      Yes, Infrared light is very helpful. Now with the led technology advances, you don’t need the heat anymore, which makes it usable for more sensitive places, like the face.
      Stay well!

  6. Would you recommend someone to utilize red light therapy only if they suspect they have a disorder? Can you see tumors or masses with this light? When do doctors typically allow their patients to do red light therapy? What inspired you to write about this subject? Who do you think benefits the most from this product?

    I’ve never tried this type of therapy, but I think I heard about it before. Also, this seems like a cool, invaluable, and erudite investment. Could you leave some product reviews? Are there any other ways to treat incurable diseases such as cancer? Overall, I think this topic is fantastic and novel!!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I would recommend using red light as part of a daily health regimen. There are no side effects and many benefits.

      No, the light doesn’t show any masses. it’s not for viewing, it’s light penetrates into the cells in your body to stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP to aid in more rapid cell repair.

      most doctors have not yet implemented the therapy or studied its effects.

      Any organism with mitochondria would benefit. It’s been studies on plants, to make them grow faster, and animals to help with the same issues it helps with humans. Cell repair.

      You asked if i would leave some product reviews. This article is a review, I gave my personal experience.

      When I’ve tested other devices, I will post them.

      No studies have been done yet with cancer. I’m not sure you’d want to stimulate the mutated cancer cells to be stronger.

      Thanks again for your questions and keep thriving!



  7. Glad to hear that this red light therapy is working on your toes, or at least alleviating some of the pain. I was just wondering if red light therapy is aimed mainly at muscle pain or bone pain or both? Would it for instance be better on strained muscles or on things like arthritis?

    If it works well on both, then I think a device like this would be a worthwhile buy for everyone to have in their first aid kits, as it will always come in handy.

    1. In the studies treating arthritis with Red Light therapy, the improvement averaged 80%. So yes, this device is a good addition for both first aid and ongoing treatment for a variety of ailments. There are mitochondria is every cell except red blood cells in our body.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Stay well and thrive!b


  8. Very  unique. I never heard of it. Will research more about it. Is it a kind of alternative treatment for minor injuries or advance treatments also. For joints as you said it seems quite effective. Is there any particular areas it doesn’t work like gum or mouth. Our energy levels are very hard to understand.  Although God has given every solution but we need to find it. 

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve used it on just about everything in my personal experimentation. If you use it near your eyes, you should wear the sunglasses provided. One place I wouldn’t use it is on cancerous tumors. We wouldn’t want to strengthen them.

      Stay well and Thrive!


  9. Wow!  I have never heard of red light therapy!  I had shoulder surgery a number of years ago and my shoulder has not been “right” since.  It stills causes me some discomfort, especially with overuse.  This device would be good for that alone but I’m also wondering if it would help with bursitis since it’s considered more of an inflammation than an injury.  I’d also like to try that face mask for my saggy, aging face!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      I believe you’ll get relief for your shoulder and bursitis. Yes, please let me know about your progress.!

      Stay well and Thrive!


  10. This sounds like a great device Al and I’m so pleased that it helped the pain in your toes (ouch!) REading the details made me think about my back pain (from a car accident) and the pain in my hands after playing guitar (arthritis.) I will look into the belt for my back and have a read of the reviews. I know nothing can be done for the smashed discs but any less pain would be appreciated.

    Thanks for this great review.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Lily!

      Stimulation of the mitochondria produces more ATP that will help repair the cell. Disc material can be regenerated!   I hope you do try this for your back, hands and other irritated areas of your body. I believe you’ll be surprised that what you thought would never be the same, can be way better than you ever hoped it could.

      Stay well and keep thriving!


  11. Hey thanks for another great post, it’s very insightful!

    I was on your other post about red light therapy a few days ago and that was the first time I heard about how red light therapy can beneficial for our healths. Since then I have been doing my own research and so far it’s looking good!

    The pricing doesn’t seem bad either especially since it’s going to benefit our health, health is too valuable, more than money!

    1. Thanks again, Sariyah, for coming back to read and comment on another article. I am happy to hear you are researching Red Light Therapy. It is definitely promising, and a wonderful tool to heave in your healthy toolbox. The price is very reasonable for a device you’ll be able to use to solve pain issues for many years!

      Stay well and keep thriving!


  12. Hi Albert,

    I discover this therapy in December 2021, and it is still wowing me until now. I will tell you about my expence.

    I first heard about this device from a friend who had been using it for a few weeks. I had been experiencing chronic back pain that was not going away with any medication, and I was feeling very discouraged that there was no end in sight. My friend told me how he had been using the device and how it had helped him, so I decided to try it out as well.

    Guess what, I use it for the skin of my face and to increase the overall energy level. The thing I know for sure, it can cure the eyes. Just close your eyes and exposure them with the red light for 5 min. and you will feel the different especially who use the screens too much. I found that this therapy omit the effect of blue rays omitting from screens.

    You know what, using this therapy decreases my bills dramatically. lol

    I love what you sharing, it is very useful. Keep writing and sharing.

    Stay Save and take care, Albert.

    1. Thanks, Safia, for reading, commenting and sharing your experience.

      That’s great to know about the eyes, I haven’t tried it for that.

      Stay well and thrive!


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