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How red light therapy works

Red light therapy is shown to act on the mitochondria in the cells of the body tissue.  The main function of the Mitochondria is to generate chemical energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which then powers the cell. This little molecule of ATP is like our body's currency. It is used for movement, repair and to keep our body temperature stable, no matter what the temperature is outside of our body.

With more ATP cells work more efficiently as they increase new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation. More specifically, most cells in our body contain mitochondria that absorb red light wavelengths. This red light stimulates them to be more efficient. This is how Red Light Therapy works!

Mitochondria and its cousin the Chloroplast

 The Mitochondria and the Chloroplast are both organelles, literally meaning little organs. They are very tiny, they fit inside a cell. There are sometimes as many as 4000 in a liver cell! Although tiny, they are both vital and they are both light sensitive!

The chloroplast is found in plants. It is responsible for photosynthesis, or the process or turning light into energy.

The mitochondria is very similar in that it produces energy for our bodies from the nutrients we ingest. Long ago, when the earth was first forming, it likely lived independently, because its DNA is unique. Other living entities absorbed it as it "breathed" oxygen. This was rare on early earth as there was little oxygen until plants, mostly algae then, started converting the CO2 based air into an oxygen blend. The Mitochondria became valuable for all the evolving species to survive.  

It likely began as a light converting to energy entity. Now researchers stumbled across this phenomena, and found that certain frequencies of red light actually stimulate the mitochondria to do their job of creating vital ATP. Because of this, all kinds of healing is being studied and the preliminary results are promising!

As I look at the research results, two things are clear.

  • Red Light works, and definitely helps
  • There are no side effects

Then I have my own experience. I've used it on every pain I've had, all with positive results.

So, it's up to you! Come get natural healing from Red Light! Below is the room I created (This was my office)

Qiworks Resonant Red Light Room

“I Love this, it feels so galactic!”

“Al Thank You, this Red Light really helped my wrist.”


Come try the Red Light therapy for yourself! Just $10 for 20 min session through March 10th! See How Red Light Therapy works!

  • Helps Muscle Pain 1. Great for speeding up workout recovery
  • Helps Joint Pain 2.  Great for arthritis and other joint inflammation issues  
  • Helps Skin Issues 3. Fine lines, blemishes and collagen loss.

Special Private Room for Red Light Therapy

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