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Stuck? Blocked? It Just Might Be Your Mindset

By Albert PerryMay 21, 2022

You’re so close, but you just can’t seem to take that last illusive step, It might just be your mindset. Everything is in place. All the preparation is completed. The list of tasks that you downloaded from the expensive, “can’t miss” coaching program has all the boxes checked. It’s just not quite happening. Sounds of crickets fill the void.

What Am I Missing?

OK, you’ve finished the coaching program. Skills aren’t the issue, you have them in abundance. Your idea is fantastic! What about your niche? is it too broad? No, you’ve narrowed it way down. Yet, here you are, wondering what could possibly be next?

Out of the blue, life stuff comes up that distracts you, getting in the way of launching.

COVID? Relationships? Family? Self doubt? Money? Proper equipment? More training? Noooo!

Maybe, you’re overthinking. Could you be trying too hard? It might just be your mindset.

Take a Breath

Start moving your body, shifting slowly side to side with the rhythm of your breath, slowly breathing. Count to six on the inhale moving one way, count to six again on the exhale moving the opposing direction. Visualize yourself as immersed in water as you move.

Let go, be silly, like a 5 year old…

Smile, laugh, it’s ok!

As you go through these gentle motions, visualizing yourself in a cool clear magical pool of water, repeat a simple phrase on each inhalation: “I am creatively inspired by Nature around me.”

You can get your mindset right, you’re almost there!

We have, all around us, THE MOST AMAZING TOOL to help us at any time.


Come to understand that we are never meant to be separate from Nature because we are already a part of Her!

It’s  just a matter of tapping in to Her Energy, Her Qi.

I was in the same exact state of being…

So many times I’ve lost count..

There would be this fantastic project, I just knew it was a winner. Perhaps a book or course, and then something get’s in my way.

However, I finally learned, the only thing in my way, was how I thought about it.

I allowed other peoples’ perceptions, my own fear of failure or success, or world circumstances to stop me.

But the whole time it was me, and my stinking thinking.

It rained about 6 weeks ago. We’re in a drought where I live. It was a welcome rain, yet a pretty small amount: less than an inch.

My Partner and I have been walking my dog, Ginger, across the bottom of the empty reservoir  near our home.

It’s really magical. That rain awhile back gathered in the mountains, and slowly made its way, in a trickle, down towards the reservoir.

Every day the water went a little farther. until finally, just a couple of days ago, it made it to what’s left of the lake. and now it’s flowing.

Nature never gives up, and beyond all odds She always manages  to thrive!

We can utilize Her power, because She is part of us!


A wonderful way to connect with Her energy is through Qigong, an indigenous Energy Medicine system that originated in ancient China. It doesn’t have to be performed formally, or done “just right.”

I’ve practiced Qigong for over 30 years. The benefits still amaze me.  I found Qigong when I had a personal injury, and the process worked,

Curiosity took over and I had to find out how and why it worked. What I found was even more beneficial than self-healing the physical body,

Qigong is a wonderful tool for transformation and manifestation. That leads me to my message to you for the day.

Nature has spoken

Nature has spoken, and we as Her inhabitants and fellow Nature dwellers need to listen.

There’s a transformation happening.  It’s really quite profound. But much of the world’s humanity will likely be lagging behind.

We can be consumed by fear, obsessed with creating wealth or blinded by Culture/Media’s depiction of what you’re supposed to look like and act like.

Or you can listen to Nature and be a part of the transformation. Because it just might be your mindset.

All of us were born  with a purpose. This purpose yearns to be fulfilled. Within this purpose there is something that allows you to shine like sunlight when you uncover your authentic self.

It’s time to connect with your purpose, and accept your destiny.

The time is now to re-discover your authentic self and live the life you have only dreamed you could live.

So try that simple little exercise above. Movement, breath and imagery together can reprogram your mindset to work for you instead of sabotaging all of you hard work!

I’ll give you some other tools you can use right away!

It Just Might Be Your Mindset

Certainly, you can do life just as you’re doing it now. However, if it feels like you missing something, perhaps like me, it was just a matter of refocusing your mindset.

If you would like to be a part of this transformation, you can introduce yourself to your most incredible authentic self!

Don’t worry. This isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars. I’ve been down that path,

Coaches coaching coaches how to bilk folks out of their money for what?


I’ve combined Qigong with imagery and affirmations to offer to you a tool to connect with Nature and discover the best version of YOU!

No fluff here

No expensive coaching program. It’s free. Right here on my YouTube channel.

A real tool that gives you actionable exercises to change your brain and your mindset.

So if you’re ready to make a positive change in your life,

If you’re ready to be extraordinary rather than ordinary…

You’ll need to take extraordinary action.

Try that exercise I gave you and let me know how you felt afterwards.

Maybe if you like it, you can try some other exercises on my YouTube channel.

Possibly you want to go deep, I do have a very inexpensive 6 step course that you can try Free for the first step, which is meant to last one week. If you like it you can enroll for the rest. If not, keep watching my free YouTube channel. I just want you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Keep on thriving!


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