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What Does Living Authentically Mean?

By Albert PerryNov 12, 2021


Perhaps you haven’t given authenticity much thought. Another possibility is that you have mulled it over and maybe it’s not that important. After all, we are who we are and the Idea that we could be anything but who we are is sort of preposterous, or is it?

I’ve observed boys and girls trying to emulate their fathers and mothers, students speaking the words of their teachers, teens mimicking the latest trend in social media. We as humans learn by observing others.

However, when it comes to our thoughts, our self talk can get tricky. We may start to compare ourselves to others. If we don’t do or act the same as someone who might seem well liked, we may think badly of ourselves and then our self-image starts to get blurry. We want to be recognized, our desire is to be Loved, first by our parents, and then our peers.

Somewhere along the way it’s easy to lose one’s identity. It may start with getting a job that isn’t a perfect fit, but it’s a job, so you do it to the best of your ability and it becomes part of your identity. Perhaps you get into a relationship and you start meeting the needs and desires of that person, and your own needs and desires become secondary, until they’re no longer of any importance at all. At this moment, it starts becoming difficult to define who you really are. What is your purpose?

Know Yourself

To live an authentic life, you really have to get to know yourself. This goes deeper than knowing your habits, what you like to eat, your astrological sign and your favorite color. Understanding the motive behind the choices you make is a good beginning. If you know your motive, then you can start to see what is most important to you. When you then look at what motivates your choices, understanding the purpose of those choices, you get a clearer picture of who you are. Now, that you see yourself clearly, motives, and choices, do you like who you see? If Yes, seeing yourself naked in spirit, emotion and motive, and you truly love who you are or more importantly you are in love with who you are, you are living authentically. Conversely, if no is the answer, you aren’t happy with your motives ans choices and you don’t love who your are, somewhere along the line your neurons got reprogrammed and you are not living your authentic life nor walking your authentic path.

How To Find My Authentic Path

What do you Love doing. When no one is around, you have some time to yourself, what are you doing when time just evaporates? You look forward to those times. Your reprogrammed brain may tell you that what your’re doing during those moments is a just waste of time and you should be doing something more productive. That’s an untruth. Whatever that activity is holds the key to your life purpose. Try not thinking about what you’re supposed to do, but what you love to do.

Of course, the caveat to that is that if you “Love” something that’s destructive, or addictive, like alcohol, drugs, gambling or porn, that’s not what I’m talking about. Those aren’t Loves, those are escapes. They’re you subconscious choice to get away from the pain in your life that’s trapped you. All they do is shove you further down the hole away from your true self.

Perhaps you doodle, garden, listen to music, hike, exercise, whatever it is, it’s what you look forward to experiencing when you finally have a little time. This is what you want to explore. Go deeper, dive into it. Become an expert.

Then What?

Once you dive deep, and become an expert, put yourself out there. Write about it, do a blog. Talk about it, do a podcast. Make a YouTube video. It doesn’t matter if no one sees it, just keep putting yourself out there. You enjoy it, right? Now if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll tire of it. and you’ll have to look again. Don’t give up. After some time passes, you all of a sudden notice that your have a library full of content you created about this little thing that you love to do, in which you’ve become an expert!

Let’s say what you love is drawing doodles. You may say: “Al, I can’t make a living drawing doodles!” What I say is, maybe not, but if you love doing it, you could make a living talking, writing, making videos, blogs, podcasts, stories, and of course, make the doodles! You can talk about how you feel when you doodle. You can talk about all the insights you have when you doodle. Because whatever it is, if you love it, doing it will make you a happy, healthy, vibrant and successful person.

You just have to find your niche. Once again, what’s your niche? What do you love?


I’ve talked a lot about doing what you love. That’s a big part of Authenticity, but not all of it. It’s also being true to yourself, and to everyone that crosses your path. It’s not just getting out of the “dead end job” that you hate, so you can spend your time doodling. Who do you become, when you’re doing what you love? There is no need to hide anymore. There is no need to put up a facade to show family and peers that everything is good, when it’s maybe just OK. When it’s a bad day, that’s an important time. You’re being given a message to stop and look deep into what’s going on. Don’t act like everything is OK, be true to yourself and those that cross you path. Be real! Say, today isn’t great so I need some space, or say whatever you need!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Let’s do it right. Let’s be our best version of ourselves and be real.

You’ve got this!

What do you love?

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  1. In today’s fast-paced life everything is changing very fast and in order to keep pace with it, we often forget our own identity and blindly follow others without thinking of anything. Every human being has some unique quality but most people are seen to be living their life by doing little things. You have to make bricks for food and shelter and there is nothing wrong with that but Authenticity is something that makes you unique and creates an impression for you. After reading your article gives me more clarity about authenticity it’s not something to show it’s something to acquire by true to yourself and be the best version of mine. Once I do that everything started to happen in a positive way and gives me the peace that I’m looking for. 

    1. Very insightful and true, Preeram! Thanks for reading this piece and giving it some thought. I hope it stays with you and you’ll continue to be the voice and not the echo! Stay well! Al

  2. Your ending question was what do you love? As a Christ-follower, He is who I love most. I love learning about Him and getting to know Him. I love the Bible and its truth. Soon I will write about my faith and answer the questions people ask about God and the Bible, including what it says about the future. 

    I also love hiking. I love everything about hiking and yet I hardly ever do it unless on vacation. When I hike, I enjoy God’s beauty and I pray. Sometimes I stop to journal.  

    Lastly, I love to write. Better yet, I feel compelled to write. I don’t know how good I am at it, but I keep learning and hopefully getting better. If I make some money at it, great. If I don’t, I will probably still write.

    Oh, I didn’t mention that I love my family. I love the time I get to spend with them. It’s just me and my husband at home now, but I hear from my kids often. I’ve even learned to love their dogs, lol And I have one granddaughter that lives 28 hours away. So I’m learning to love video chatting. I love my life.

    On the other hand, I am learning to let things go, and not hang on so tightly to what isn’t mine to control. It is a freeing way to live, but it doesn’t come naturally.

    I guess all of it plays into living an authentic life.


    1. Lynn, Every one of us sees this life differently. It’s really beautiful! It sounds like you know who you are and what’s important to you.

      On the letting go part. In my observation, most pain cones from attachment.

      Even being attached to the idea things should be a certain way.

      Letting go of that is very freeing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, and I hope you experience eternal peace through your faith.

      Be well and thrive!


  3. This has been a thought-provoking post. Thank you. A lot of times, we act as if everything is ok. And that affects us more than we realize. It’s good to channel these feelings healthily. And being strong does not go against being honest. Both require personal growth to exhibit these traits. But being honest gives us emotional peace.

    1. Thanks, Ann, I’m happy that it stirred your thoughts. You nailed it by sharing that being true to one’s authentic self is a major component of inner peace. Stay well and strong!!


  4. Hello there, Alpert! This is a really encouraging post. Just wanted to say that this post looks so professionally done! I also really like what you wrote. I definitely agree with you there that my early childhood days were mostly about comparing myself with others. When I fall short, thinking badly of myself would start to kick in. Sadly, I think this is quite common for many to experience when living in such a demanding society. It’s important that one finds authenticity and being true to oneself. Once that passion is found, being an expert on it is important because this is where creativity and living a fulfilling life kicks in. I think more people need to see this post. Thanks for creating it!

    1. Thanks, Mike, I’m happy that you were encouraged by the article. 

      Yes, comparisons lead to emotional pain. Yet, it is one way we learn.. Then we grow and un-learn what doesn’t serve us. 

      I hope you’ll stop by again to read other pieces!

      Here’s to your health! Stay strong and thrive!


  5. Hi Albert, Finding our authentic self, the path to create the life we want starts with knowing who we are. We can find our path in life by following our heart and intuition.

    When finding our path, we need to use our mind, our heart, have trust and faith in life, this is how we align both our internal and external self.

    We can not speed up finding our path and our purpose in life, we can only cultivate our purpose which is like watering a flower and focus on our path and over time, our purpose will reveal itself.

    I think being authentic is more than being real, it is finding what is real. Living authentically is constantly shifting and taking on new forms and if we truly believe in living an authentic life, then we must continually be learning about ourselves.

    1. Thanks for your prospective.

      I’m not certain you read my article by your comment, but I appreciate the effort.

      Stay well and strong!


  6. This is a very thought providing article first thing in the morning.  Over the years, I have found that compromise for the sake of a relationship, job, auto repair or societal norm has been a block to authenticity.  I have compromised out of necessity to reach a necessary end result.  Often this has meant setting something important part of me aside. Now that I am retired, it is much easier to be authentic.  I think this is why older people often appear “grumpy”.  We ,or should I say I, no longer feel the need to compromise as much.  Your are right.  Being authentic is the foundation of being happy, but it is tough to do.

    1. Hi, Anastazja!

      Thanks for your comment, abd for reading this article.

      Yes, it’s tough to be authentic. It’s easier to give in to the pressure of conditioning, going with what others want, so we can appease them and be accepted. But we lose ourselves in the process and forget what we’re here for.

      I’m glad you can be true to yourself now that you are retired. I hope the joy for life follows you into retirement abd you continue to thrive!

      Be well!


  7. I think this is such a brilliant and necessary message these days. I think there are way too many people that hide behind the bars/umbrella of social media and are just fake in how they are. And the most ridiculous thing is that celebrities do this, too. It’s kind of like the social norm now. Being all about what it appears, instead of what it actually is, instead of being genuine.

    Yeah, I totally agree. Living your truth. Living and being the real, raw, honest you is what we want (and need) to really go forward with life. And, yes, if everything is not okay, I agree, don’t act like it. Push the limits of what you want. Push the limits of what you need. You’re a badass. Which starts with a simple decision of being one. Now. 🙂

    And to answer that question there at the end, I love to research, analyze, seek the truth for the benefit of other people. <3

    1. Thanks for your comment and awesome points!

      Yes social media has given many a facade to hind behind. I’ve seen many completely lose themselves and break down completely. 

      I love your depiction of being a badass, true to yourself! What a great love you have to dig out the truth! Keep it up, the world needs you!

      To your health!


  8. Wow! Just what I needed. It´s the time of the year when we tend to think about more personal stuff, trying to get better and commence next year eagerly. Thanks for this info, there are not much articles that use this kind of expression, such as “goes deeper than knowing your habits, what you like to eat, your astrological sign and your favorite color”, cause one tends to stay on the surface of feelings. Really well explained!

    1. Thanks, Johnny! Yes in the age of social media, when folks can be anyone they want, it’s more and more difficult to find authenticity in people. Thanks for reading and your kind comment!

      Be well and Thrive!


  9. We live so fast, we have to get here and there, do this and that, we have forgotten to love ourselves and take care of our well being. When the madness of pandemic started I finally had some time to slow down and focus. And yes, even though we didn’t like lock downs, they helped me to think more of authentic living, gave me space to read a lot, do meditation and focus on inner self. A great article, and not only this one 🙂 Qigong is amazing, even though I am into yoga, I can totally relate to your articles and try to stay authentic! Breathing, thankful for every single day! 

    1. Thanks, Julijana, for reading this article and commenting.

      I’m happy to hear that you resonated. Yes, the pandemic did help many of us realize that slowing down and spending energy on ourselves rather than go-go-go all the time!

      Thanks for perusing other articles as well! I hope you’ll visit my YouTube channel as well!

      Here’s the link: https://youtube.com/c/AlPerryQ

      To your health!


  10. This is an amazing article. It truly teaches you how to live authentically and makes you reflect on life. I had a great time reading this article. It is super easy to read and it is free flowing. I will recommend it to friends and family because I know that they will appreciate this post. Thank you so much for this 

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