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Your Personality Is Your Business Card

By Albert PerryNov 06, 2021


Are You Recognized?

We all want to be recognized, even admired. Many of us want to make a difference. If you are reading this, and came to this website, you probably want to be a better you. Qigong4Mindset uses movement, breath and mental intention with imagery to retrain the brain. However, it all starts with you, and how you do life. How do you interact with those who cross your path? You never know to whom you might be presenting yourself. Your personality, the way you represent your persona to others, is truly your business card and your resume.


Your smile is your logo. That’s more than a saying, it’s the beginning of your presentation. It’s the first thing folks see. So you might tell me: “all my work is online, so nobody sees my smile, or experiences my personality, so what difference does it make?”

I’d like you to try something.

The next paragraph that you type, or the next time you enter data, or whatever you do on your computer, smile the entire time. Try it! Whatever you did while you were smiling is going to look and feel better, and even more important, you will feel better! So even when you are typing, smile. That smile will come right through your words. More than some catchy logo, your smile will get attention, because everyone wants to feel good, and be around people that feel good. So that smile, the beginning of your personality presentation to the world, is your attention getter.

Now, I’m not talking about some fake, cemented-in mask. Think of something that makes you happy, and then allow your smile to sprout genuinely. Folks see through a façade, so be authentic. To have a fake personality as your business card, and a plastic smile as your logo, means you are not to be trusted.  Whatever you are presenting, it’s not the real thing, because you are not being authentic!

How Do You Leave People Feeling?

How you leave people feeling is your trademark. A trademark is like your slogan. Your Trademark is what sticks in folks memory after you left the building, after they’ve read your piece. Long after you are gone, and folks are making a decision about something related to your interaction, that slogan sticks out. How did you leave them feeling? If you led with an authentic smile, and presented them with your business card of a personality that connected with them as a person, you will leave them feeling like they want to see you again. They want to do business with you. They liked being around you. It’s the best personal or business decision you ever make: how you present yourself.

How Do Much You Like You?

To make all this work, It’s most important that you like who you are. To be authentically happy, it starts inside you. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I created Qigong4Mindset. I want you to fall in Love with yourself. Not to be narcissistic, but to be genuinely, authentically happy! it all starts in your mind.

Can that smile sprout out often and authentically?

Do things that make you happy.

Surround yourself with folks that make you laugh and allow yourself to be silly!


This will show in your interactions with people. Then your personality will be your business card.

Now if you’d like to apply that to an online presence, then I suggest joining WA affiliates. This is the group that helped me and they will help you get your online business to where you’d like it to be with no pressure to do anything that doesn’t help you. Try it for free! You’ll see that they over deliver.

I hope this was helpful! Please let me know your experiences. To Your Health and Happiness!

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